3-in-1 Laundry Pods, Fabric Softener with Cherry Blossom Extracts, 32 Count

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: WBM Home laundry pods are eco-friendly- each pod uses less than 2 ounces of detergent, which is about the amount in 3 cups of liquid laundry soap
  • SOFTENER & SCENT BOOSTER: Laundry detergent pods are made with natural ingredients and provide a refreshing cherry blossom fragrant wash that will leave your clothes clean and fresh
  • 3D STAIN REMOVAL & PROTECTTIVE: Our 3D Stain removal and protective detergent pods remove stains and protect fabrics in a fraction of the time it would take to use regular laundry detergent
  • CONVENIENT: Laundry detergent pods dissolve quickly in water – just pop the pod in the washing machine and go. Laundry pods leaving your clothes clean and smell great!

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Quality is our passion. In case of any issue, we give you 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase

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WBM Home Laundry Detergent Pods, High Efficiency but Gentle, Best for All Fabric Type

Laundry pods

3 In 1 Laundry Pods - Natural Cherry Blossom Extract for Refreshing Fragrance

Discover the gentle care of the WBM Home high-efficiency laundry pods with powerful cleaning properties & fabric softener with cherry blossom extract. With the 3-in-1 breakthrough cleaning action, these laundry pods are a powerful cleaner for your clothes. A 3D stain remover is tough on stains yet gentle on fabric, concentrated solution is skin-friendly, provides color protection, long-lasting freshness, and is quickly soluble in water. Cherry blossom laundry pods are a natural way to tackle tough dirt and stains from clothes while being gentle on the hand. These natural 3-in-1 detergent pods contain cherry blossom plant extract essential oil that protects the elements of clothing. Laundry detergent pods provide an effective cleaning with onetime washing, protect all kinds of fabrics like cotton, hemp, and synthetic fiber fabrics and eliminate odor. Laundry pods have active ingredients packed in 3 powerful chambers for efficient cleaning. WBM laundry pods come in convenient packaging that creates no mess or spills while washing. WBM Home detergent pods are easy to use, no need to measure them before washing, and these laundries are compatible with both standard and high-efficiency washing machines. Fabric softener laundry pods easily dissolve in any water temperature, rather it is hot or cold water, and keeps your clothes as new as before. Each box of laundry pods comes with enough pods for 32 washes. Use 1 pod for a light load and 2 pods for a heavy load into the washing machine.

laundry pods

Product Description

If you're looking for an amazing laundry pods that will get your clothes clean and smelling great, you need to try WBM Home Laundry detergent pods! Our detergent is highly effective and deep cleaner, so it will remove all the dirt and grime from your clothes. Plus, our liquid pods are easy to use - just pop them in the washing machine and let them do their thing!Laundry detergent pods are the new way to clean your clothes. These small, convenient pods don't damage your clothes like traditional laundry detergent can. They're perfect for on-the-go moms who need to get a quick load of laundry done.Our laundry detergent pods have 3D stain lifter technology that helps remove tough set-in stains and dirt. The innovative triangular pod design helps penetrate deep into fabric fibers to lift and remove stains, while the built-in fabric softener leaves clothes feeling soft and fresh.These pods quickly dissolve in any water temperature, so you can spend less time doing laundry and more time enjoying life. Plus, one pod is enough for 10 liters of water, so you can save even more time and money. Laundry detergent pods are specially designed to be freed from dyes and artificial perfumes. Merely place one pod into the water for many loads, but use 2 pods for significant and a lot of loads. You will use 3 pods for extra-large load. For an easy and worry-free laundry experience, try WBM laundry pods that employment gently on skin and clothes.

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