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Himalayan Chef

Himalayan Glow Night Lights

Himalayan Chef
Himalayan salt Blocks

Himalayan Breeze Decorative Fans

Himalayan breeze decorative fans are a unique blend of function and style. They have interesting shapes and features which brings any boring room décor to full life with its colorful presence. They are hand painted and sculpted to perfection with details in design and sketching of animal prints. They are light weight and easily placed on tables with minimum space occupation. They are mostly suitable for children room decorations but also look inviting in garages, basements and kitchens.

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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps
Pure and healthy

Pink Salt Cooking Plates

Pink salt cooking plates are charmed kitchen utensil for the purposes they serves. They are used for curing, serving, cooking, grilling, sautéing and even for rendering meat tender. They come in assortment of thicknesses, with various shapes and with varying smoothness.  The tasteful quality of these plates slightly seasons the fruits which are cut and served on top of it without additional efforts.

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Himalayan Breeze
Natural health solution

Natural Solution

No remedy is a better remedy than a home remedy ever present at home. You might read it as a tongue twister but it’s also perfectly true in case of Himalayan pink salt which feasts on all the benefits of salt. Deodorants made of pink salt are smooth and easy on skin. Similarly the foot detoxification salt blocks soothes and eases out the strain from foot after long walk or injury. They can also be used a feet warmer during winter.

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