Cooking your favorite food in a way that can bring the best taste in the recipe should be what you are looking for while cooking your favorite food. The common way of cooking your meal like steak is to use your electric cooking range, but for those who want to use the cooking blocks to cook the food in a delicious and flavorful way, they can do it quite easily. If you are the one who loves steak and you are looking for a guide on how to cook steak using the salt blocks, then this is a step by step guide for you and you can follow it to have a perfect and delicious cooking experience.

If you want to start cooking using the Himalayan salt block recipes, then cooking the steak on it will be the easiest way. The process of cooking steak on a salt block is so easy and it can be the same if you have to cook other foods on it. There is only one thing that would change and that is the change in the cooking time. You can also cook vegetable on it if you do not like meat. The process of cooking will remain the same and you just have to follow the below simple steps.

Step 1: Selecting the Appropriate Block

The Salt block you select should be at least 1.5 inches thick and it would be just perfect if it is 2 inches thick. The block should be a high quality block made of the original Himalayan salt. So, you have to select a block that is either 1.5 or 2 inches thick and it must be of high quality original Himalayan salt.

Step 2: Heat Slowly

It is the most important part of the cooking process. You have to heat the block slowly because the salt is relatively a soft cooking surface. While heating it, it will develop cracks and crevices naturally. They will grow gradually and ultimately, the block will break. So, you have to heat it slowly to make sure that it can last for long.

You should place your Himalayan salt plate or block on the grill or gas range. A metal ring would be perfect if you are using an electric stovetop in order to lift the plate or block off the burner. Use the lowest possible setting for heating while starting the process for at least fifteen minutes. After 15 minutes, you should start increasing the heat increment about every ten minutes. Keep in mind that the smaller blocks will heat faster.

Step 3: Put the Steak on the Block

Right when the temperature of the salt cooking plates or blocks is 500F, then you should place the stripes of the steak on it. If the block is not heated properly and you are cooking by using it, then the steak will get too salty. Your hands should be 2 to 3 inches above the block and you have to make sure that you cut the slices thin because it will be ready quickly. Flip the steak using the metal spatula and when the steak is ready, you should remove it from the block using the spatula.

Step 4: Clean Block

At last, you have to wait until the block cool down before the cleaning process. Let it cool down to the room temperature (for at least one hour) and after that, use a sponge or a sourcing pad. Try to keep your block or salt plate as dry as possible. You have to repeat the process until it is totally free from the cooked food.

So, if you follow the above guidelines, then you will be able to cook the steak on your salt plate or block easily and in the right way. Do follow the guidelines and the steps discussed above to have a perfect cooking experience using a salt plate or block.


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