In todays’ global world, it is very important to cater to various customers. The global customer front is packed with buyers with mixed cultural and religious backgrounds. But when it comes to food everyone goes back to their roots, background, culture and most importantly religious base for choice of food. Consumers have become very technical and savvy in choosing the products for consumption. So it’s not surprising that there is a high demand for certified products in the market. With rising Muslim majority consumers and demand for clean and natural products has compelled the manufacturers to acquire Halal Certification for their products.KOSHER CERTIFIED PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED CONSIDERING JEWISH COMMUNITY as they hold kosher products in high regards and refrain from consuming products which are not Kosher. Similarly Halal Certified Products are important for Muslim majority consumers and this certification is especially applicable in eatables.

Trending Certified Products: 

Shoppers are developing a habit of reading labels and making sensible choices which caters to their health and wellbeing while buying products. The entrance of Kosher and Halal products in the USA market was a defining moment which practically embraced global marketing idea.

HIMALAYAN PINK SALT IS A CERTIFIED KOSHER AND HALAL SALT MAKE IT EDIBLE AS FOOD FOR MAJORITY OF MUSLIM AND JEWISH USERS. Any salt could be made Halal and Kosher if strict supervision for both the certifications is followed.  Pink Salt has global approach towards consumers and caters to the wide need of different cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Packaging of Pink Salt:

Usually kosher salt comes in large, grainy flakes but Himalayan Pink saltcomes in all textures from very fine to coarse crystals. The additional mineral content makes it even more appetizing and appealing for consumption. Himalayan Pink salt has managed to acquire numerous certifications for carefree buying to put their customers at peace of mind.


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