Have you ever used a salt lamp in your bedroom? Using a lamp just near your bed is one of the common decorative ideas and also to have a soothing light while sleeping. But, a salt lamp has got something more to offer than just a source of soothing light. A salt lamp is not only good for decoration, but there are a few other health benefits of having a glowing salt lamp in your bedroom or living place. Today, I will discuss the salt lamps benefits and I will tell you how they are beneficial for the human health and for the environment.

1. Reducing the Airborne Pollution & Allergens:

Well, when there is a glowing salt lamp in your bedroom or any other area of your living place, it will release the amount of negative ions. It will result in a cleaner and purified indoor air. The viruses and the harmful allergens like pet dander, dust, and bacteria spread so easily in the environment because of the moisture.

The salt has the ability to attract the moisture and when the salt lamps are turned on, then because of the heat of the bulb inside the lamp, it will force the extracted moisture to evaporate quickly. This process of evaporation will release the oxygen and negative ions in the air. The released amount of the oxygen and negative ions will neutralize the impurities from the air and reduce the airborne pollution & allergens.

2. A relief from the negative consequences of the electromagnetic field radiation:

Because of the growing technology, we have become dependent on several gadgets and automated devices. For one reason, they all are necessary, but for the other reason, these things are becoming dangerous for the human health because they produce the “electrosmog” or the “dirty electricity” that can easily cause severe imbalances within the physical and mental states of the humans. Thanks to the natural salt lamps for harmonizing such disruptive wavelengths due to the neutral atomic structure of the salt.

3. Chemical-free & natural air purification:

Because of the fact that the salt crystal lamps are made with the Himalayan salt that is mined from the water basins and the mountain foothills that contain a rich amount of halite, they are just natural. That is why every single salt lamp is so unique in shape and also by shape. There are no chemical added in a salt lamp and you just have to wait for the time, when a glowing salt will release the negative ions in the air as a natural air purifier.

4. Relieving Stress:

People are impressed with the abilities of a salt lamp to relieve the stress by its soothing glowing orange light right after they turn it on. It can enhance the relaxation right after you turn it on in your bedroom and you will witness an enhanced mood. The unique and attractive orange hues of a salt lamp are good enough to act like a night light. Whether you are sitting on your study table or you are sleeping, it can offer you the best sense of the natural serenity anywhere you are in your home.


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