It is fundamentally proved that human body needs all sorts of minerals to stay fit and healthy. Since mineral salt cannot be produced by the body it has to be taken orally as it provides consistent operational functioning of the body that also supports various sicknesses and tissue remedies.

Moderate intake of Mineral Salt-Health Practitioner’s Endorsement:

Recently a renowned Biochemist Dr.Schussler described mineral salt a great blessing for human race in a health journal. He made very plain statements about the benefits of mineral salt in food. The primary reason he emphasized upon is the use of mineral salt in treatment of sickness whether body or mind. He is also known as the founding figure of new system of healing that is called Biochemic method that focuses on 12 mineral salts and used them to treat the sick.

Principle of Biochemic Mineral Salt Treatment:

Human body has reasonable amount of inorganic salts such as potash, lime, iron and silica while any type of deficiency can lead to illness. Moreover the tissue salts balance makes it possible for us to stay healthy for longer periods.

The new way of biochemic medicines in which mineral salt is prescribed to treat the sick has resulted in great effects. The mineral salt is given in small doses but the effects are in huge number. It treats various illnesses while the dosage of mineral salt for each treatment is determined by the specialist biochemist.

Anyone! Yes, literally anyone can take the biochemic mineral salt treatment that is lacking in essential tissue salts. The choice of the mineral salts, the duration and the combination of mineral salts are important and should be in mind whenever undergoing the treatment.

Twelve Mineral Salts that Body Naturally Contains:

 Calcium Flouride Mineral salt as Teeth Strengthening Agent:

Calcium Flouride is an essential mineral salt for jaw bones, gums and teeth. It is found in bones and tooth enamel while its deficiency creates weakening of bones and can cause osteoporosis. Its deficiency can also cause rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease. This mineral salt also helps in maintaining tissue elasticity.

Calcium Phosphate Mineral salt for Bones and Blood Cells:

This mineral salt is a great helping block for teeth, bones and blood cells. It helps new body cells to grow that pushes your ability to stay healthy for very longer periods. The very essential of this mineral salt helps while teething and puberty. Calcium Phosphate is also very important mineral salt because it greatly helps in old age. While recovering from any type of fracture, the very mineral salt act as a quick recovering tissue. It also helps in various types of illnesses like orthopedic and menstrual pains and anemia.

Calcium Sulphate Mineral salt for Purifying Blood:

Calcium Sulphate mineral salt helps purify blood as it gradually removes decaying cells by providing nutrients. It also helps treating different types of abscesses, boils and pimples. Calcium Sulphate also prescribed by biochemists to treat chronic infections that further builds resistance power.

Potassium Chloride Mineral salt Safeguards from Respiratory Infections:

This fine mineral salt is very essential nutrient that body needs especially in later stages of life. The purpose and importance of this mineral salt is also greatly described by many health experts. The respiratory infections such as sore throat, sinusitis and middle ear infections are directly related to deficiency of this mineral salt in your diet.       

Potassium Phosphate Mineral salt Benefits Nerve and Brain Health:

This mineral salt greatly benefits the nerve and brain health. The health experts also call it a good tonic for nerves. It is suggested for the people who suffer from stress related issues such as excessive irritability, temper tantrums, anxiety and depression.

Potassium Sulphate Mineral salt with Lots of Nutrients:

Potassium Sulphate is one the very nutrients containing mineral salt which is also essential to treat skin problems. If someone is suffering from skin scaling and dandruff problems, it is considered that the very person is lacking in Potassium Sulphate.             

Magnesium Phosphate Mineral salt Relieves Nerve Pain:

Deficiency of Magnesium phosphate mineral salt deficiency can cause pain in the nerves, muscle cramps and convulsions. Some people also complain toothache or sensitive teeth as it also directly related to Magnesium Phosphate’s deficiency.

Sodium Chloride Mineral salt Provides Plenty of Moisture to the Body Cells:

Essentially this mineral salt is responsible for keeping the body hydrated. As it further helps keeping the skin moisturized for longer periods. If someone is suffering from nasal discharge, watery eyes and edema, he/she is certainly lacking in Sodium Chloride’s intake.

Sodium Phosphate Mineral salt Helps Functioning of Body Fatty Acids:

Sodium Phosphate is mainly useful in functioning of body fatty acids. It helps conditions like intestinal worms and rheumatic complaints.

Sodium Sulphate Mineral salt Treats Liver Ailments:

A new study has shown very positive results of Sodium Sulphate while treating liver ailments. This mineral salt helps various digestion problems, gallstones and skin eruptions.

Silicon Oxide Mineral salt  is for Bones and Joints:

Silicon Oxide is a good natural mineral salt that is essential for bones, joints and skin glands. Many health experts also consider Silicon Oxide very useful when treating abscesses, fistulas and pus-forming conditions.     

Ferrum Phosphoricum Mineral salt or Phosphate of iron Helps Fever Symptoms:

This mineral salthelps in early stages of fever and protect from inflammations like anemia and weakness.


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