No doubt, the rapidly growing technology has taken the humans from earth to the surface of moon. But, on the other hand, there is a dark side of this picture too. Speed with which the technology is growing, pollution is also increasing with that speed. Whether it is water pollution or air pollution, all the types have hazardous effects on our health.

Asthma- a painful disease: All of you are well aware about “asthma”. It is a chronic disease which is caused by the air pollution. Asthma makes the airways to the lungs very narrow and swell. As a result coughing, wheezing, shortening of breath and chest tightening like symptoms are happened due to the difficulty of moving of air in and out of lungs. Asthma is a dangerous disease and according to a study 34 million people in USA are affected by this disease. But, the treatments are also present.

Air inhaler for chronic diseases like asthma: The most common way to avoid this painful disease is to use an air inhaler. Inhalers are the portable devices that are specially designed for chronic diseases. They are used to propel medicine into body through lungs. Air inhalers are handy and useful. Wherever you go, you can carry them with you all the time. Many types of air inhalers are available for the chronic diseases like asthma but the natural inhalers are the best.

Salt air inhaler- an effective way to stay healthy: For the asthma patients, one of the most convenient and effective way to stay healthy is to use a salt air inhaler. Slat inhaler is a drug free option for those patients who long for comfortable breathing process with minimum side effects. Salt air has been in use for thousands of years for therapeutic benefits. It helps in alleviating sinus and is a powerful aid in other respiratory related issues. Salt has the properties to reduce the allergens and other viruses from the air and that is why we feel refreshed when we are near the sea. People who breathe salt regularly develop stronger, healthier lungs over time.

How salt air inhaler works? The Himalayan salt crystals are present in the chambers of salt inhaler. When someone breathes through inhaler, air moisture absorbs the tiny salt particles into respiratory system of the body. This salt air is 100% pure and safe which is a natural remedy for asthma, cold, congestion and allergies etc.

Himalayan salt air inhaler is handy to use: No need to worry at all!!! It is trouble-free to use Himalayan salt air inhaler. Very simple, just put the tip in your mouth and breathe in, hold your breath for a moment and then exhale through the nose. Continue the process for 10-15 minutes a day. You will definitely feel very relax and comfortable in breathing.

Hence, adapt the natural health solutions instead of using medicines having lots of side effects and have a healthy life style.