Dishwasher Pods, Formulated with Lemon Extracts, 24 Count

  • STAIN REMOVAL: Dishwasher pod are made with natural ingredients andlemon extracts that help to get rid of tough stains and leave your dishes smelling amazing.No more scrubbing, no more water spots!
  • SAVE TIME & ENERGY: Dishwasher detergent pods are the perfect choice for people who want to save time and energy. They work quickly to remove stubborn stains, making your dishes clean and fresh in no time
  • PREVENT SCALE FORMATION: Detergent pods are specifically formulated to prevent scale build-up, so you can eliminate the need for frequent hand washing and enjoy sparkling dishes without the hassle
  • UNIQUE AND DURABLE DESIGN:Dishwasher pods has unique and durable design means they'll last for months, so you can keep your kitchen looking great without all the work
  • EASY & CONVENIENT: Dishwasher detergent pods make it easy and convenient to get your dishes clean in record time. You don't have to waste time scrubbing dirty dishes. Just pop a pod into the dishwasher and let the machine do its job.
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Dishwasher pods
dishwasher pods

Product Description

WBM Home Dishwasher pods detergent is formulated to clean dishes quickly and easily. Plus, they’re environmental friendly and sustainable-friendly. Dishwasher pod have never been easier to use. They're packed with powerful cleaning ingredients to get your dishes clean and looking shiny. Plus, they're convenient. Dishwasher detergent is made with a unique blend of plant-based and synthetic ingredients that work together to break down food debris and remove stains. Our dish pods are easy to use and store - just pop them into the dishwasher when you're ready for a clean dishware. If you're tired of struggling to get stubborn stains out of your dishwasher, just try our Dishwasher Pods! WBM dishwasher pods tackles 48 hour stuck on food and power through baked on messes. Safe for use on glassware, porcelain, stainless steel, pots & pans, baby bottles and more! Works well on all stain types including dried-on food, coffee & tea stains, even red wine spots! WBM dishwasher pods are effective with both hard and soft water. No pre-wash needed WBM dishwasher pod removes burnt-on food without pre-washing, leaves glassware sparkling and spotless.3 separate fast dissolving chambers, delivering 3 different power actions clean 99% of Visible & Invisible Food Residue. WBM Home dishwasher pods are filled with power actions that dry and deliver a finishing boost of shine providing a deep clean you can see & feel. These innovative dishwashing pods work quickly and easily to clean dishes without leaving behind a residue. Plus, they're less expensive than traditional dishwasher detergent, so you're always able to get the job done right. Our dishwasher pod is made with a special formula that strips away stubborn stains without harsh chemicals. Not only are they easier on your wallet, but they leave your dishes looking and smelling brand new. So ditch the liquid dish soap and try our dishwasher pod today!

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