WBM HOME Disposable Toilet Cleaner Refills

  • WBM Home Toilet Bowl Cleaner offers 1 toilet rod, 1 Caddy container, 8 original disposable fillings that kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Toilet sponges are clean in hard-to-reach areas under the rim of the bowl and squeeze deeper and faster to remove rust, calcium, and limescale stains
  • WBM cleaning system can be widely used in bathroom cleaning such as mirrors, toilets, laundry, windows, etc
  • Quick Fill Toilet Scrub Pill Click on the Swish toilet stick, scrub and wipe the toilet bowl and boil to dispose of the garbage
  • Toilet cleaner features 8 disposable fillings, clean two-layer construction, extended striped bow handle, convenient storage compartment and cover heads
  • Eliminate the dirty and germ-filled toilet brush with a handy toilet brush for storing your toilet and refill those for domestic cleaning
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