WBM Home Dustpan with Floor Cleaning Brush

  • WBM Home brush shape makes it easy to sweep from above and reach in corners.
  • Soft, flexible lip covers the entire Dustpan width and conforms to surfaces for efficient cleaning.
  • Dustpan and brush set work together for quick, easy cleanups of dust, dirt, crumbs, and other dry messes.
  • Brush handle snaps into dustpan handle for compact storage when not in use.
  • The front lip of the dustpan is made of soft, pliable plastic to stay put and assist with getting every bit of dirt into the pan and clean your floor
  • You can use it  anywhere like your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, shop, garage, office .
  • 12 Units/Case | 36 Case/Pallet | 24 Pallet/ Truck Load.
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