Himalayan Glow Selenite Palm Stone, Healing & Calming Effects, White

Selenite Palm Store: Known for its powerful ability, WBM Selenite Palm Store is a hand-selected mineral that showcases its desirable properties and improves the health and well-being of humans

Selenite Healers: Moroccan selenite is renowned for stress relief and protection from harmful energy. It's also used as a tool to activate the Crown Chakra

For Crystal Enthusiast: A great collection for crystal enthusiasts. These large selenite crystals add a lot of value to any crystal collection. They are thought to provide strong energy healing effects and are great to treat negative energy

Selenite Crystal Décor: Selenite crystal decor makes cool lighting for the inside of your home. It's an excellent alternative to enhance the look of your home. It a perfect for anyone to showcase in their rooms

A Grade Quality: Each piece is inspected to make sure you are receiving the best product; each one is unique and beautiful in its way. These Moroccan stones are imported directly that measure approximately 10 cm × 4.5 cm

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