Pink Salt Shot Glasses 20 Oz - 2 PC|Himalayan Chef

100% natural pink salt from the Himalayan Mountains.

  • Simply pour tequila into the glass and serve with fresh lime. No salt needed!
  • Unique Taste: Himalayan chef offers the Himalayan salt shot glasses. Simply pour tequila into the glass and serve with fresh lime to add a unique taste. No extra salt is needed.
  • Unique Pink Salt: Himalayan salt shot glasses has a unique pink color due to the essential minerals in salt that gives the glasses an awesome look.
  • Pure and hygienic: As the Himalayan pink salt has anti-bacterial qualities, so germs cant thrive, and bacteria growth naturally resist as well as odor is also eliminated.
  • Simple Cleaning: These shot glasses are very easy to clean, just rinse with water and immediately dry with paper towel. Do not leave any liquid inside for long time.
  • 6 Units/Case | 60 Case/Pallet | 24 Pallet/ Truck Load.
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Himalayan Chef Shot glasses are made of natural Himalayan pink salt which is the purest salt of this planet. Our shot glasses are purely sourced from the Himalayan mountains and hand mined. They are food safe and add a salt flavor to your shot making it delicious. Himalayan chef’s shot glasses are available in a set of 2 with a beautiful gift packing. The naturally occurring colors of salt make each piece unique and eye-catching. Why Himalayan Chef Shot Glasses: Our shot glasses are made of pure and natural salt, they don’t have a plastic inside because we have developed the thickness of our glass walls for support purpose. You can expect more than 100 used with our shot glass if you properly use and care them. Moreover, our packaging is reliable, strong and durable to keep glass safe and sound. How to care your shot glasses? No need to worry about glass usage. You just have to take care of small things to make these glasses use for a long time. Just care about the following things:
Do not leave a liquid material inside the glass for the long time period.
Don’t use any detergent to wash glasses as the salt has already the antibacterial property.
To clean, just rinse with water gently, and then dry with cloth or paper tissue.
Store in a dry place after use. Product Satisfaction: Our slot glasses are individually wrapped and secured to avoid any damage or breakages. We take care of our salt quality and that has been processed properly to form a shot glasses but if a glass crack or leak its chance is rare, but if it happens let us know. We will replace your glass happily with the new ones.

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