Horse Hair Shoe Brush | W Shoe Care

  • HORSEHAIR BRUSH: W Shoe Care Horsehair Shine Brush is specially designed to dust off and polish your leather goods while leaving a lustrous shin
  • HORSE MANE BRISTLES: Soft high-quality bristles of Shoe Brush are made from real horse mane that cleans without leaving scratches
  • WOODEN GRIP: The Brush Grip is made with natural and durable hardwood, derived from a Chinese tree, Schima Superba
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The Leather Brush has a grooved ergonomic hold that provides a comfortable anti-slip handling
  • MULTIPLE USES: Not just for cleaning shoes, the Brush is perfect for polishing any smooth leather surfaces such as bags, jackets, etc.
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Horse hair shoe brush
Shoe cleaning brush
Shoe brush
Boot cleaner

W Shoe Care Horsehair Shine Brush is not only designed to clean your shoes but also your leather commodities. The bristles are sturdy but soft enough to give a non-scratch clean. Made with the real horse mane, the W Shoe Shine Brush is an ideal choice as it does not damage the surface on which it is being used. Their smooth lay and capacity to easily remove the excess surface care product provide a comfortable and efficient buffing. The handgrip is made comfortable with grooved edges. The sturdy and durable Schima Superba wood is particularly used to make the holding grip. Leather Brush is not only specified for cleaning shoes or boots. You can use the Shine Brush to clean and polish your leather bags, jackets, car seats, sofas, beds, and so on. The Shine Brush is anti-static. Use the brush in to and fro motion to clean the desired surface or object. The thin bristles reach easily to the smaller areas such as the bag buckles or line stitches of couches, etc. Besides dusting the unwanted particles, use the Shoe Brush for polishing and scrubbing. The horse mane bristles have a better absorption capacity thus easily removing excess surface care product. The Scrubbing Brush carries a dimension of 2.2 x 5.9 x 1.5 inches. To prolong the lifetime, clean the brush and hand it in a ventilated place to dry.

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