WBM Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights , Colors Phone App Controlled 1X5M

  • Brighten up your room with the warm amber glow.Have 20 color patterns.
  • Convenient to connect and easy to use. You can also cut according to the need.
  • Use remote control to operate controller.
  • Great for adding decorative light to interiors, exteriors, accent slide outs, and more.
  • RF remote allows for wireless control over light brightness and power from up to 40' away
  • 10 Units/Case | 45 Case/Pallet | 24 Pallet/ Truck Load.
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strip light

WBM Smart RGB Led Strip Lights | 16.4 Feet

WBM Smart LED strip lights that are brighter for various room ambience. We are dedicated to keeping upgrading products and always bring better lighting experience for you

  1. Unroll the led strip lights from the plastic reel before use to prevent fire or damage the strip light.
  2. The led strip lights can only be cut at the points that are marked, the cut points are clearly shown by a line across the strip.
  3. Make sure the place is clean and dry when sticking the adhesive.
  4. Confirm the arrows line up when connect the strip light to the controller.

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Color-changing LED lighting for instant ambiance in one simple to set-up kit. Everything you need to add drama to a medium to large space. Use LED strips below kitchen counters, underneath a bar, or behind your TV or desk monitor.

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