WBM Home Liquid Control Dish Wand Sponge

  • WBM Home dish wand sponge is design to make your life much more simple and convenient.
  • Made from durable material the dish wand sponge has a helpful scrubbing surface.
  • Dish Wand can help you do your cleaning faster even if it's a tough work, you can finish it with a better effect.
  • Soft, comfortable non slip grip helps you to easly clean the dirty points.
  • Made of double sponge and lengthened fiber, fit tightly and durable, soft material.
  • Dish wand sponge can easily and effectively clean your dishes, sinks, bathrooms, etc.
  • Simply fill washing liquid into the handle bar, soaking the sponge head, pressing the sponge for serveral times untill the bubble comes out, now you're free to use it.
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