WBM Home Liquid Laundry Detergent 2 Liter

  • Full of concentrated cleaning power.
  • It is a powerful cleanser and it free from fluorescent.
  • Safe to use in any washing machine and at any water temperature.
  • It is tough on stains, gentle on skin and leaves your clothes smelling clean with a fresh scent.
  • A product of USA.
  • 4 Units/Case | 45 Case/Pallet | 24 Pallet/ Truck Load.
Availability: In stock
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laundry detergent

W Home Liquid Laundry Detergent, 3-in-1 Technology, Free from Fluorescents and Dyes

W Home laundry detergent has 3-in-1 technology with powerful cleaning properties as a detergent, stain remover, and provides color protection. A powerful cleanser that fights tough stains and leaves your clothes fresh. Every drop of laundry detergent has high cleaning efficiency and keeps the color of your clothes fresh. Gentle on hands but tough on stains, the high-efficiency laundry detergent is suitable to wash all fabric clothes like dark-colored and delicate clothes, cloth diapers, towels, curtains, table mats, and other household accessories that need frequent washing. Washing clothes with concentrated laundry detergent gives natural long-lasting freshness to your clothes and as well protects the clothes from color fading, stretching, and shrinking. The liquid laundry detergent comes in human-friendly packaging with a twisted cap on bottle that makes it easy to pour the detergent in washing machines or washing buckets. You can use the liquid detergent at any temperature and is compatible with all types of washing machines. The 3-in-1 technology laundry detergent is high in performance and protects a variety of clothes fabric from damage. All ingredients are safe to use that easily remove dirt and stains from clothes. We want to give everyone’s clothes a fresher glance when it comes to developing laundry detergents.

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