WBM Smart Portable UV Disinfection Light

  • Model: UV-03 Establishment Number: 97510-CHN-1 EPA Region: HQ
  • Effectiveness Disinfection — This UV Sterilizer not only kills the bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, etc that are on the surface of personal items, but also destroys the odor-causing bacteria, which is convenient to apply in pets, beds, carriers, food containers, and also in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • UVC + UVA double chip lamp beads, really rapid elimination of bacteria.
  •  Strong Light torch optical lens long-range.
  • 6 Superior UV LED lights with a wavelength of 665__685 nm have a stronger function than UV-A and UV-C. UVA UV LED: White 4 LED lights Combined with UVC to increase penetration quickly lock the kill zone. UVC+UVA: Yellow 2 LED lights dual-chip UV LED kill virus quickly within 1 minute.
  • Portable Sterilizer Compact, with magnetic absorption and pin buckle, can be convenient Put in the pocket, adsorption on the refrigerator, lamp and other surfaces can be Pin it on your clothes like a pen.
  • Portable and Easy to Use — Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and easy to use anytime and anywhere. One-button operates with a handheld.

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UV Portable Sterilizer

Portable UVC Light Disinfector Lamp Kills 99% of Germs Viruses & Bacteria

UV light Sterilizer

How to Use UV Light Sanitizer Disinfection Wand ?

  • Take out the product from the packaging box, open the battery cover on the back, put in three 1.5V AAA batteries for power supply as instructed, and put back the battery cover.
  • Press the switch to light the LED flashlight, which can be used for lighting, Press the switch again and the LED UV light starts to work, disinfecting the place to be disinfected.
  • Household appliances, telephones, computers, kitchen utensils, and other furniture such as children's toys, carpets, bedclothes, etc., can be disinfected in about 20-30 seconds as long as the uv disinfecting stick is brushed on its surface.

Standard Technical Specifications

UVC Wavelength270-285nm
UVC Radiant Power10 milliwatts (mw)
UVA Wavelength395-405nm
UVA Radiant Power20 milliwatts (mw)
Power Supply Mode3 x 1.5V AAA batteries required (not included)
MaterialsABS + PC
Product Size1x 1x 6.6 inch
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