Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Refillable Coarse | 4.23 oz Small Grinder

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  • Himalayan Chef 100% Natural Pink Salt Is Primarily Mined In The Foothills Of The Himalayan Mountains In Pakistan. It Has A Pink Color Due To The Presence Of Iron Oxide.
  • This Beautiful Pink Salt Is Perfect for Cooking in Your Kitchen or on the Table for More Flavorful Meals.
  • CERTIFIED AND ORGANIC: Our Himalayan Pink salt is Non-GMO Verified, Gluten-Free Certified, ISO certified and 100% Natural and Pure. It is Free From All Impurities and is KOSHER Certified.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder Has a Black Top of Hard Plastic and an Attractive Stainless Steel Band. This will make a Striking Figure on Your Kitchen Counter or Table.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We Always Stand Behind Our Products and We Listen to Our Customers. If For Any Reason You Feel Our Pink Salt Grinder Is Not For You, We Offer a 30-Day Money Back.

himalayan salt grinder

Himalayan Chef Pink Salt – Coarse Grain, Authentic Gourmet Salt From Himalayas

pink himalayan coarse salt
  • 100% Natural Rock Salt
  • Rich in Minerals
  • Safe Food Grade
  • Unrefined and unprocessed
  • Halal, Non-GMO
  • Free From Additives and Preservatives

Wonderful on chicken, fish & vegetables.

Top salads or season breads or pizza crusts.

Beautiful as a finishing salt; perfect as a gift.

Natural Himalayan rock salt is hand-mined from khewra salt mines in Pakistan. Himalayan Chef provides you world purest rock salt. It is available in a glass grinder. Himalayan pink salt judged the world's # 1 tasting salt. It is 100% natural, pure, Halal, Non-GMO, and NFC Vegan.

Why Choose Himalayan Salt Grinder?

Regular table salt has a high amount of sodium chloride also, processed with many chemicals that are not good for human health and well-being. Pink salt rich in minerals without additives, preservatives, and any other anti-caking agents. Our Himalayan Pink salt is available in a glass grinder with an adjustable grind. So, choose healthy salt and enjoy healthy food.

pink salt grinder

Enjoy Cooking and Make Healthy Food

Enjoy a culinary experience with your family and make a healthy meal for your loved ones. Himalayan salt grinder is ideal for everyday use. Grind directly onto food, use on meat as a salt rub, brine solution, or blend with herbs to create a unique flavor. Pink salt helps to give not only flavor but also add minerals to any meal. It makes your daily food more delicious and healthy. Our convenient and elegant salt mill helps you add fresh, authentic flavors of seasoning to any meal. You can use it anywhere, anytime, when you want. You can easily carry it in your picnic bag.

  • Best Flavored Salt
  • Healthy Choice
  • Safe Food Grade
  • BPA-Free Glass Grinder
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable Coarseness
  • Convenient Size
  • Size: 4.2 oz
  • Great For All Types of Food

himalayan salt grinder

salt grinder

salt grinder refill

pink salt grinder

Mess Free Refill

The clear glass body of the salt mill will let you know it's time to refill. The top plastic cap easily screws off revealing, a wide opening for easy and mess-free refills. You can fill it with your favorite salt and any other spices that you like.

Ideal For Everyday Use

Himalayan salt grinder is ideal for daily use. Pink salt is the top chef choice for making delicious and healthy food. Himalayan salt adds incredible flavors to any dish. So enjoy healthy food with your family and loved ones.

Easy to Clean

Himalayan salt grinder is easy to use and easy to clean. Just wipe the grinder mechanism. Don't place the grinder mechanism in the dishwasher. Glass bottle is dishwasher safe.

Perfect for Kitchen & Table Use

Himalayan Chef pink salt grinder is the perfect choice for kitchen and table use. It looks elegant at your dining table. Also, it's an ideal choice for your kitchen counter. It can easily fit in your spice rack.

pink himalayan salt grinder

Perfect Addition For Homemade Spa Treatment | Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is a beautiful addition to your homemade spa treatments. Whether you are creating soothing bath salt blends or exfoliating scrubs, Himalayan Chef offers the perfect grain sizes for your next therapeutic project. Easily use it as a bath salt. You can mix it in warm water and take a relaxing bath. It helps to relieve muscle pains and give soft, smooth skin.

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