Turmeric Powder, 2 lbs Bag | Himalayan Chef

  • NATURAL AND ORGANIC:  Himalayan Chef Turmeric Powder is 100% natural and organic, free from preservatives making sustainable quality in the market
  • USES: A necessary ingredient of powder added to relishes and mustard blends gives a great eating experience
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Turmeric Powder has benefits related to heartburn, high cholesterol level, liver disease, and inflammation. The turmeric plant root used to make medicine
  • ORIGIN:  Our natural product comes from the turmeric plant, commonly used in Asian Food
  • TASTE AND AROMA: Turmeric is mildly aromatic, scents of ginger or orange, having a bitter and a spicy flavor
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Our premium-grade product is 100% eco-friendly and sealed properly
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee to our unsatisfied customers
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Organically Sourced

The Himalayan Chef Turmeric Powder is pure and organic as compared to any other ordinary available in the market. It is free from any artificial flavor, preservatives, and colors. It is generally a common practice nowadays to add artificial color and taste to spices. We assure you that this product is organically sourced and its purity is guaranteed.

Nutritionally Rich

The Turmeric Powder of WBM is rich in nutrients, having a sharp taste and rich color. The Powder is widely used around the world for culinary purposes. It adds great value and taste to the dishes. The product is also used for medicinal purposes in many parts of the world.


Health Benefits

The anti-inflammatory feature of the Turmeric Powder is its star-studded aspect that helps fight cellular damage and inflammation. The product helps in reducing heart burn, cholesterol reduction, fights liver diseases, and overcomes inflammation. Heart burn is the most common element in life and causes inconvenience. Cholesterol accumulation has never been good. Liver is the one of the most important organ in the human body. Its dysfunction could be catastrophic. This product helps in overcoming these in an amicable manner.

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