Liquid Black Shoe Polish 2.53 oz|W Shoe Care

  • W Shoe Care Black Self Shine Liquid shoe polish provides instant shine.
  • Made with natural beeswax to nourish your leather shoe.
  • High Gloss Finish and Long-lasting moisture protection.
  • Superior stain and scuff coverage.
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W Shoe Care Black Self Shine Liquid shoe Polish provides complete care and protection of your leather shoes. Made with natural beeswax, it requires no buffing as it quickly dries leaving a beautiful gloss finish shine. In addition to that, it will keep your shoe leather protected against moisturizer so it does not get damaged due to water. It`s portable, handy and easy to use, you just need to squeeze the plastic bottle and rub small sponge applicator on the leather shoe.  It dries very quickly without leaving any mess. So, whenever you need to polish your shoes, it will only take 2, 3 minutes to get it done. 

Shake before use. Press the black liquid shoe polish sponge to the leather surface and apply the polish. Keep away from Children!

Natural Wax, Emulgator, Polymer, Resin, Anit-Foam, Water.

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