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Himalayan Salt Products


Himalayan Chef
100% Natural

Salt Lamps

Wbm Salt lamps are uniquely hand carved from Solid Crystal Rock, and available with versatility and different sizes, their mild glittering glow with different colors not only looks exceptional but also stylish as well. Our salt lamps along with candle holders are used as signature mark for luxurious home décor.

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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps
Brand New, Unique and Natural Gift Items

Natural Salt Lamps

Himalayan pink salt is only purest salt among of other which contains natural minerals with full capacity, these 84 natural minerals found only in Himalayan salt which is essential for body growth. Wbm offer pink salt in different flavors that can be served with meat, fish, and poultry with all seasoning. .

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Himalayan Breeze
Unique metallic Fans

Himalayan Breeze

Himalayan breeze is new product line of decorative fans for all seasons, these fans available for luxury styled round fans, which looks remarkably decent with their grace and elegance, second category of animal fans consists of sculpted as animal forms with plentiful choices of dog, cat, rooster fan and etc.

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New Products

Our Featured Products

Himalayan Chef
Himalayan salt Blocks

Pink salt cooking plates:

Wbm Salt lamps Our salt plates are carefully sliced from pink rock salt and available in multiple size & orders. These plates are not ideal for serving cold fruits, sushi but also can be utilized for chicken meat, fish and Ahi tuna. Learn more about Himalayan salt cooking plates, delicious recipes, different use of salt plates, cleaning or cleansing and much more at .

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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps
Pure and healthy

Himalayan pink salt:

Himalayan Pink salt is the only pure edible salt existed which comprises with full of natural minerals, these natural elements are known as 84 natural minerals. Himalayan salt is available in diverse cuisine collection which includes fine, coarse and other organic blends of gourmet collection. You can have a tang of versatile taste in your food by just adding our salt collection .

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Himalayan Breeze
Natural health solution

Salt inhaler & Deodorants

Our Collection of natural solution consisted at salt deodorants, salt massage pillow, salt air inhaler and detoxification salt block. These resources 100% natural without having artificial chemical and recommended by world’s known health organization, learn more about our these natural resources at .

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Natural Solution

Himalayan Chef Manufacture only Natural, NON GMO, Gluten Free Products..


Himalayan Breeze

Himalayan Breeze brings unique quality fans for all occasions. Animal Fans (Dog, Cat, Rooster and many more....


Himalayan Decore

Himalayan Decore brings every time unique, Classy and new Trendy items in the Market..