W Beauty Women Razor | Wide moisture bar Razor, Purple

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  • Smooth Body Shave: Women’s razor moisturizing strips are enriched with vitamin E & Aloe. These razors have a patented irritation defense bar for a smooth shave with blades that barely touch the skin
  • Pivoting head: Lubricating strips along with skin compatible pivoting head, and have a precision trimmer on the back of the blades to help reach tricky areas
  • Sharp Blades: Women shaver has sharp blades that allow for expert trimming of unwanted hair. Shaving razor's 4 blades and protective cushions deliver a smooth, close shave with ease
  • Comfortable Handle: Soft rubberized handle makes it the best skin shaving tool for women. The razor's ergonomic design offers a sure grip with a sleek, molded handle for comfort and suppleness.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our passion. In case of any issue or if you are not satisfied with our women shaver, we will give 100% money-back of purchase within 30 days

Women razor

Ladies, say goodbye to your hairy legs! WBM new razor will make them look smoother than ever.

Introducing the newest design in Razor for women – it’s sleek, stylish and fits comfortably in your hand. W Beauty women razor gives a close, comfortable shave while protecting your skin. In additional, the non-slip grip makes it easy to control, even when wet.

Achieve a close, comfortable shave with the Women's Razors!

Women razor provide a comfortable shave that leaves skin smooth. The pivoting head follows the contours of your body, while the soft-touch handle provides a comfortable grip. The pivoting head and slim design make women razor easy to get around curves and tricky areas, while the moisturizing strip leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. These shavers are designed for a woman's delicate skin, with features that provide a smooth, silky shave.

Women Razor

Features of Women’s Razor:

· Lubrastrip for glide

Women’s razor moisturizing strips are enriched with vitamin E & Aloe. These razor strips have an innovative irritation defense bar for a smooth shave with blades that barely touch the skin.

· Soft grip pivoting head

The pivoting head ensures that each blade gets as close to your skin as possible. The handle has a rubber grip that provides extra control and stability.

· 4-Bladed flexible women razor

W Beauty women’s razor has 4 blades that give you a close, comfortable shave. They allow the blades to contour to your curves for a closer shave.

razors for women

An irresistibly smooth skin from head to toe!

The Women's Razor is perfect for all body parts! You can use it on your legs, arms, underarms. It's also great for shaving your bikini area! The razor has a wide blade that makes it easy to shave everything quickly and easily. It's gentle enough to use on your delicate skin, but tough enough to get the job done. Plus, the blade is coated in a moisturizing strip that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

The bikini razor is the perfect tool for a woman who wants to remove all her body hair. This razor has a special design that allows it to contour to the curves of a woman's body, making it easy to get rid of hair in those hard-to-reach places.

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4-Blades Technology removes every last bit of hair

The 4 blade women's razor is the perfect shaving tool for anyone looking for a close, comfortable shave. The blades are positioned in such a way that they hug the curves of your body, allowing you to get the closest shave possible. Plus, the pivoting head ensures that every inch of your skin is evenly shaved.

The Women's 4 Bladed Razor has moisturizing strip with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera helps keep skin smooth and healthy. When it comes to the Women razor, it leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing. The blades are so close together that they give you a clean, precise shave. Plus, the moisturizing strips keep your skin hydrated while you shave.

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