Himalayan Glow Pink Salt Bowl Lamp With Massage Balls, 8 lbs

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Natural & Relaxing: WBM Himalayan Salt Bowl with Massage Stones is made from 100% natural salt from the Himalayas, providing a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Soft, Calming Glow: The salt lamp emits a soft, amber glow that creates a calming atmosphere perfect for relaxation. The massage stones also enhance the experience.

Stress-Reducing & Tension-Relieving: The negative ions emitted by the salt lamp can help reduce stress, while the 6 massage stones can be used to massage away knots and tension, providing complete relaxation.

Perfect for Gifting: This Salt Bowl Lamp with Massage Stones makes a really perfect present for any loved one on special occasions such as Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Quality is a top priority for the manufacturer, and they always ensure 100% customer satisfaction with a money-back guarantee for quality-conscious customers.

Natural Himalayan Bowl Salt Lamp with Massage Ball

himalayan salt lamp

From Himalayas to Your Home:

Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp is minded, hand carved, hand crafted and made from Himalayan Mountains. Each piece is chose for its translucent pink color and faceted beauty. The salt comes from a 250 million year old dried up sea bed, from the time when the earth was covered with water, and it was in the ancient ocean where it is believed that life began. The salt comes to you today in the form of a lamp, which, when lit, gives off what might be called a primordial glow, one part sunset, one part molten lava, creating a light source that has captivated all who see it. People say they love to sit beside our salt lamps because they feel soothing, calming and relaxing at that time.

Create the perfect atmosphere in your home

  • Salt Lamp made from natural Himalayan salt crystals.
  • Hand mined and hand crafted into bowl looking shape with salt chunks to place in bowl.
  • When lit, the salt lamp emits a calming and soothing amber color.
  • Fantastic gift for birthday or Christmas present.
  • Suitable : The head of a bed, sitting room, study, office.

Product Detail:

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with Dimmer Switch.
  2. Material: Himalayan Crystal Salt with Rosewood.
  3. Shape: Bowl hand carved.
  4. Best Gifts: The most popular and trending soothing, calming & healthy salt lamp. It is your perfect choice.
  5. As decorations & gifts for friend's wedding, holidays, birthdays, graduations, thank-yous, and special occasions.

Massage Bowl

Relieve the Stress, Pain, and Tension in Muscles - Massage Bowl

Himalayan Glow massage stone salt lamp is made with Himalayan pink salt. These lamps are in a bowl shape and are crafted with the hands. These bowl shape salt bulbs are manufactured with the natural Himalayan pink salt that is mined from the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. These lamps are crafted with the hand so their design is unique and there is a fine touch of finish. You can see the finest in the shape and design of the ball. The salt which is mined from the Himalayan mountain has some shining crystal that has produced the shining in the lamp. In the lamp, there are massage stones in it. These stones are also made from the Himalayan pink salt and it is used in massage therapy to relieve the stress, pain, and tension in muscles.

The stones in the lamps are very special and are crafted with the hand and every stone is very special. As every ball is designed for massage therapy so the person who designs these balls makes the perfect ball so that your body will get the full benefit of the massage session. You can use these stones by yourself to treat your muscles and tissues. Their usage is very simple every night before going to bedroll the stone on the sore parts of the body. The rolling stone treats the stiffness in the muscles and relaxes your body tissue. It vanishes all the tiredness from your body and you can enjoy your sleep time fully. As it is made of salt so weather may be affected it but if you clean it with a dry cloth after some time then its shape will remain perfect.

Natural Himalayan Massage Bowl Salt Lamps

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massage bowl salt lamp

Hand Crafted Bowl Salt Night Lamp

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himalayan pink salt lamp

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salt night lamp

Perfect Gift Choice

It is your perfect choice for Mother's Day, holidays, birthdays, graduations, thank-yours, and special occasions.

The Natural Salt Night Light

When lit with the included 25 watt incandescent light bulb, it gives amber glow, creating a romantic vibe and boost your mood.

Create Perfect Atmosphere

Gently breathe and absorb the unique beauty and natural properties of this age-old salt crystal. Himalayan pink salt is excellent when it comes to naturally improving the mood and concentration.

Nice Home Décor

One of the most popular and trending soothing,calming & healthy salt lamp.

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