WBM Care Liquid Hand Wash, Tea Tree & Rosemary - 500 ml

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  • WBM Care Liquid Hand Soap helps to protect the hands and gives natural care to your hands
  • Liquid soap keeps your hands moisturized and deeply purifies skin with natural Himalayan pink salt
  • Liquid Hand Soap is rich in essential vitamins and amino acids for extra care of your skin
  • Natural scents of tea tree and rosemary add a refreshing experience to daily hand washing
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority; we are providing a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days to all quality-conscious customers

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WBM Care Hand Soap, Natural Soap Relieves Roughness of Hands

Frequent hand washing sometimes leads to rough and dry hands. To get original texture of your hands, WBM Care liquid hand wash works perfectly. Stop using fancy hand soaps. Wash your hands with natural hand soap that leaves your skin feeling clean, moisturized, and healthy. Even frequent use in these pandemics doesn’t dry your skin, but in contrast, make it healthy with every wash. Botanical extracts with pink himalayan salt leaves skin hydrates, holds antibacterial properties, fight sunburns, strengthen skin elasticity, remove dead skin cell, and improve exfoliated skin.

Refreshing Scent for a Better Hand Washing Experience

Good scented hand wash cleans your hands and also keeps you energized all day. Your hands will not only get their required nourishment, but also your mind will be fresh. Our scented soap extracted from natural tea tree and rosemary leave a comforting fragrance on your hands that lasts for quite some time. Also, our antibacterial hand wash destroys those bacteria and viruses that spread from one place to another and cause diseases. Get the skin expert hand soap that suits all skin types: oily, dry, normal, sensitive, and combination skin. If you are looking for some soap that fits your family usage, then stop searching. Yes, you are looking the best family soap right now. 500ml container of our soap lasts long that fits the family soap needs. Kids can also use our soap under some adult supervision.

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Hand Soap

Moisturizing Hand Soap, Antibacterial & Refreshing | WBM

We take responsibility for every ingredient we choose to add up in our soap formulation. Our team takes months and years to make blend of suitable natural ingredients for you. All the ingredients are plant-based and decomposable so that it doesn’t harm your health as well as the environment. All products of WBM Care are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic additives.

Quality is our passion. We send you soap in a sturdy, high-quality box, well-protected and tightly packed, and make sure that no leakage would happen. Washing hands with combination of tea tree & rosemary is like a mini-aromatherapy session. Fresh herb smell is subtle, and soap lathers nicely. You only need a small squirt of soap to create a big lather. Soap works well, does a great job at cleaning hands, and leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. So, try our product confidentially. We believe that you are going to love our hand soap as much as we do.

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Natural Liquid Hand Soap - Lemon & Green TeaNatural Liquid Hand Soap - Sandalwood & JasmineNatural Liquid Hand Soap - Lavender & AlmondNatural Liquid Hand Soap - Tea Tree & Rosemary
FormLiquid Hand SoapLiquid Hand SoapLiquid Hand SoapLiquid Hand Soap
Size17 Oz17 Oz17 Oz17 Oz
ScentLemon & Green TeaSandalwood & JasmineLavender & AlmondTea Tree & Rosemary
Available1-Pack, 3-Pack1-Pack, 3-Pack1-Pack, 3-Pack1-Pack, 3-Pack
FeatureAntibacterial Hand Soap with MoisturizersGentle on SkinLeaves skin soft, smooth, and cleanLeave your skin feeling healthy
Available in easy to use packaging
Silicon & SLS Free
Family Owned

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