Natural Solution Himalayan Pink Salt Nasal Inhaler, Mint- 2ml

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  • NETI INHALER is an easy to use inhaler which could help to relieve symptom of nasal congestion, Healing Aromatherapy & Ions. Energizing scent! Pocket / Purse Stick, Natural Handy Portable.
  • Contains Pure Himalayan Pink Salt, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Eucalyptol, Natural Mint, Inhale Deeply.
  • Provides relief when you breathe pure HIMALAYAN SALT AIR & Essential Oils! 100% Natural.
  • Simply inhale deeply through your nose or mouth. A natural expectorant. It is normal for some coughing to occur as the salt air breaks up mucus. Many people want a drug-free alternative for their respiratory problems. Known for many decades as a natural treatment in Asia and Europe.
  • Clear airways when breathing, this is an easy to use portable inhaler infused with natural essential oil.

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Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Nasal Inhaler by Natural Solution

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Incredible Health Benefits

Himalayan Salt is a natural and unadulterated salt, deposited by ancient seas, with 84 natural minerals, the same minerals found in our body.

Cleans The Respiratory System

An ancient tried and true remedy for alleviating respiratory ailments. For hundreds of years, people with respiratory ailments have found relief in the salt caves of Eastern Europe and the saltmines of the Himalayans. Men who worked in the mines were free of respiratory diseases and people who had them, were brought to hospital rooms set up within the mines for therapy and relief.

Promote overall respiratory health

Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with

  • Sneezing
  • A runny Nose
  • Itchy Nose
  • Itchy Nose
  • Watery Eyes

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