W Home Bottle Brush, Long Handle Cleaner for Washing Narrow Cup, Pipes, Hydro Flask, Tumbler, Sinks, Cup Washer

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  • WBM Home bottle brush has long durable neck flexes for easy reach inside bottles, pitchers, and carafes, which give you perfect cleaning from inside
  • Bottle Brush has dual bristles, both for heavy-duty scrubbing, and effortless gentle cleaning
  • Bottle Cleaner Brush provides 360° rotating scrubbing for powerful cleaning of tough spots and milk stains and gives no damage to bottles
  • WBM long bottle cleaning brush comes in a very convenient length of 18.5 inches for long-necked bottles with 2 inches wide durable bristles
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority. If for any reason, you feel our product is not for you then we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase

W Home Bottle Brush, 360o Rotation Scrubbing Power, Long Bottle Cleaning Brush

With dual-function bristles suitable for both hard scrubbing and gentle cleaning of kitchenware, this W Home Bottle Cleaning Brush is the most suitable one. Durable PP material bristles that are sturdy with their long-term durability. The brush has two bristle types, pink fibers for hard scrubbing of hard-to-reach corners and grey for gentle cleaning. Cleans all kitchenware, glassware, narrow and long-necked bottles, plastic ware, and metallic surfaces. The brush rotates through 360o with flexible bristles that scrub away grease, spots, and even milk stains with high-performance scrubbing in bottles. Soft bristles do not damage the surface of the bottles while keeping them clean thoroughly. Multi-Purpose Bottle brush features an angled tip design that conveniently goes into the tiny edges and corners of glassware and keeps them free from stains and grease. A soft-handed grip comfortably fits your hands even when your hands are wet or soapy. You can easily apply force or pressure on the non-slip grip of the bottle cleaning brush for efficient scrubbing. Bottle cleaning brushes are perfect for sports bottles, narrow and long-necked bottles, baby feeders, kettles, stemware, long teacups, coffee pots, blenders, and juicers for deep cleaning. These long bottle brushes are suitable for kitchenware like pint glasses, thermos, and other food containers and work great for cleaning sink drains, dishwashers, and water pipes. Water Bottle Cleaning Brush comes in an assorted size with a length of 18.5 inches for long-necked bottles and 2 inches wide durable bristles.

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Suitable for All Surfaces

The multi-purpose bottle brush cleans all surfaces like metals, stainless steel, glassware, plastics, silicone, and ceramic bottles with high performance of good grip bottle brushes. 360o rotation of the bottle brush provides high scrubbing power and cleans all the spots, milk, and other stains from bottles without any damage. The curved or angled tip design at the end of the brush head is convenient for cleaning the brushes to their tight corners and edges of bottles.

Top-quality W Home Bottle Cleaning Brush that can satisfy all our cleaning needs. With high-quality PP bristles, you can clean anything at great value. You can keep your water bottles using the bottle cleaner brush that has dual-function bristles. These bristles are of premium quality with long-lasting use. The bristles keeps your glassware, bottles, and blenders free from scratches.

Long Handled Bottle Brush, Best For Washing Narrow Neck Bottles, Durable Bristle | WBM

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Stiff PP Bristles

Keep your water bottles neat and dirt-free till their tip with the W Home Bottle Cleaner Brush that features high-quality PP bristles, pink bristles for tough scrubbing in tight edges, and grey bristles for gentle cleaning.

For Long-Necked Bottles

These long-handled cleaning brushes are designed for cleaning various size bottles. Perfect for both long-necked and narrow-necked water and fizzy drinks bottles. Use confidentially, it will not let you disappoint all the time.

Comfortable Grip

Bottle cleaning brush made to keep long-term usability for the consumers. A comfortable non-slip grip handle is easy to hold even when your hands are wet or soapy. Comes with a built-in hole for easy hanging in kitchen cabinets.

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