W Home Laundry Pods, 32 Count Bag, Powerful Stain Lifter with Rose Extracts

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  • NATURAL PLANT EXTRACT: W Home Laundry Pods are soft & skin-friendly and quickly soluble in water, with rose extract
  • ROSE SCENTED:  Laundry pods with natural rose extracts help to keep the clothes smelling great for the long term
  • COMES WITH 32 PODS: Laundry Pods come with an Ultra Protective Zip lock bag that has 32 pods in each bag
  • 5-IN-1 LAUNDRY PODS: Liquid laundry detergent pods make stubborn stains disappear and give your clothes a brighter, fresher scent while delivering a great clean every time
  • APPLICATION & USES: W Home dirt washing pods work efficiently in all types of washing machines and dissolve in any water temperature.

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