Personal Care Hand Soap and Body Wash , Care From Nature

Personal Care Hand Soap and Body Wash , Care From Nature

Hand soap and Body Wash

WBM Care Hand Soap and Body Wash:

Hand soap and body wash are personal care products that are used to clean your hands and body. They are typically made with a combination of surfactants, which help to break down dirt and oil, and emollients, which help to moisturize the skin. Hand soap and body wash are available in a variety of scents and formulas, so you can find one that suits your needs.

Importance of Hand Sanitation:

Hand soap is an essential part of our daily hygiene routine, but have you ever wondered why it's so important? Let's explore the benefits of hand soap and why keeping a clean and healthy lifestyle requires it.

Disease Prevention: Our hands touch a lot of things, and some of those things can have germs that make us sick. Washing our hands helps to get rid of the germs, so we don't get sick.

Reducing the Spread of Germs: When we wash our hands, we get rid of the germs that are on our hands. This helps to stop the spread of germs to other people.

Personal Protection: Washing our hands helps to protect us from getting sick. It also helps to protect other people from getting sick from us.

Food Safety: When we handle food, we need to make sure that our hands are clean. This is because our hands can easily transfer germs to food. Washing our hands before handling food helps to prevent the spread of germs and food poisoning.

Lists of WBM Care Hand Washes

WBM Care provides various hand washes to protect you from bacteria and germs.

·        Natural Solution Hand Wash Honey

·        Foaming Hand Wash Coconut

·        Foaming Hand Wash Apple & Kiwi

·        Foaming Hand Wash Rose & Avocado

·        Foaming Hand Wash Lavender & Almond

·        Liquid Hand Wash Lemon & Green Tea

·        Liquid Hand Wash Sandalwood & Jasmine

 Best Hand Washes have Important Features:

  • Effectiveness: They should kill or remove germs, bacteria, and viruses from your hands.
  • Gentleness: They should not dry out or irritate your skin, even with regular use.
  • pH balance: They should have a pH level that is similar to the natural pH of your skin.
  • Fragrance: They should have a pleasant fragrance that is not irritating to sensitive skin.
  • Easy rinsing: They should rinse off quickly without leaving any residue or stickiness on your skin.
  • Hygienic packaging: They should come in a pump dispenser or touch-free option to minimize the risk of contamination.

Here are Some types of WBM Hand Washes:

  • WBM Foaming Hand Soaps

·         WBM Care Foaming Hand Soap Refill, Made with Lavender and Almond Extracts, - 13.5 fl oz

·         WBM Care Natural Foaming Hand Wash, Coconut with Himalayan Pink Salt, 10.5 fl oz

·         WBM Care Natural Foaming Hand Wash, Apple & Kiwi with Himalayan Pink Salt, 10.5 fl oz

·         WBM Care Foaming Hand Wash, Rose and Avocado - 300ml

·         WBM Care Foaming Hand Wash Lavender and Almond - 300ml

WBM Liquid Hand Wash:

·         WBM Care Liquid Hand Wash with Lemon & Green Tea - 500ml

·         WBM Care Liquid Hand Wash, Sandalwood & Jasmine - 500 ml

·         WBM Care Liquid Hand Wash, Lavender & Almond, 16.9 oz - 500 ml

·         WBM Care Liquid Hand Wash, Tea Tree & Rosemary - 500 ml


·         WBM Nature and Loved Hand Soaps:

·         WBM Care Hand Wash, Made with Himalayan Pink Salt & Rose Extracts, 13.5 Oz - 400ml

·         WBM Care Hand Soap, Made with Himalayan Pink Salt & Lavender, 13.5 Oz

·         WBM Care Nature and Love Hand Soap with Himalayan Pink Salt & Blood Orange - 400ml

              Natural-Solution Hand Soaps:

  • Natural Solution offers an organic hand wash that is formulated using organic marula oil and Himalayan pink salt
  • Natural liquid hand soap is enriched with skin-friendly components like vitamin E extracts, natural coconut, and jojoba oil
  • Washing hands with this liquid hand soap can remove dirt and makes your hand soft, beautiful, and clean
  • Organic liquid soap deeply cleanses, nourishes, and delicately scents the skin and provides long-lasting softness.

·         Natural Solution Hand Wash Marula Oil - 400ml

·         Natural Solution Hand Wash Honey, Aromatic and Nourishing Hand Soap - 400ml

·         Natural Solution Himalayan Pink Salt Liquid Hand Wash, Moisturizing & Refreshing, Blood Orange - 14 oz    Natural Solution Hand Soap, Made with Himalayan Pink Salt & Lavender Extracts, Nourishing & Moisturizing, Natural Liquid Hand Soap - 14 oz


WBM Body Wash:

Body Washes are liquid cleansers specifically designed for use on the body during bathing or showering. Most of us pay attention to our faces when it comes to skincare. At the same time, keeping your body's skin hydrated is also essential. WBM Care Body Washes are made from the finest natural ingredients, carefully selected to nourish and cleanse your skin.

Perfect Body Wash for Your Skin Type:

Choose a body wash with natural ingredients. Body washes with natural ingredients are gentler on your skin and can help to nourish it. Look for body washes with botanical extracts, essential oils, or plant-based moisturizers.

Avoid harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals can irritate your skin and make it dry or flaky. Look for body washes that are free of sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

Consider your skin type. If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing body wash with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera. If you have oily skin, choose an oil-free body wash that won't clog your pores.

Choose a pleasant scent. The scent of your body wash can make your bathing experience more enjoyable. Choose a scent that you like and that will help you to relax.

WBM Care offers a variety of body washes that meet these criteria. Their body washes are gentle, nourishing, and skin-friendly. They have a variety of scents to choose from, so you can find one that you love.

WBM Offers Different Scents of Body Wash:

WBM Care offers the best body wash formulated with 100% natural plants extracts to provide a long-lasting moisturize for all skin types.

·         WBM Care Chamomile & Aloe Body Wash - 500 ml

·         WBM Care Lavender & Almond Body Wash - 500 ml

·         WBM Care Rose & Pearl Body Wash - 500 ml

·         WBM Care Coconut & Jasmine Body Wash - 500ml

WBM Natural-Solution Body Wash:

  • Natural Solution Himalayan pink salt body wash gently and effectively cleanses skin while leaving it feeling soothed and moisturized.
  • Body wash is rich in minerals with Himalayan pink salt, mined deep from the Himalayan Mountains, with blood orange, Shea butter & Argan Oil
  • Our natural body wash provides deep nourishing and moisturizing care to your skin
  • Organic body wash is free from SLS, artificial colors, formaldehyde, and parabens

·         Natural Solution Body Wash, Nutrition & Protection Natural Honey, 17 fl oz

·         Natural Solution Body Wash, Made with Organic Blood Orange Extracts & Himalayan

·         Natural Solution Body Wash, Formulated with Marula Oil & Himalayan Pink Salt - 17 fl oz

·         NATURAL SOLUTION Pink Salt Body Wash, Relax & Purifying Body Wash with Organic Lavender Oil - 500 ml