Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Whole | 3 Ounce Medium Glass Grinder

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  • HIMALAYAN CHEF’S BLACK PEPPER SPICE: Our black peppercorns are produced by picking the mature but unripe berries.
  • HIMALAYAN CHEF: Himalayan Chef’s Black Pepper is moderately hot, prurient and aromatic. It is sun dried. Himalayan Chef’s black peppers are left on the vine longer than most peppers, so they develop a deep, rich flavor.
  • BLACK PEPPERCORNS: Our Black Peppercorns contain a good amount of minerals like potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron and magnesium.
  • READY FOR USE: Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Grinder with whole pepper (3.17oz), Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Grinder with whole pepper (6.17oz), Himalayan Chef Black Pepper powder (1.76oz), Himalayan Chef Black Pepper powder, Ground Black Peppercorns (1.25lbs) and Himalayan Chef Black Pepper whole (9.25oz).
  • GLASS GRINDER: Our refillable pepper grinders are available with adaptable grinding levels from coarse to fine.
  • CERTIFIED SPICE: All Himalayan Chef Spices are certified Kosher, Halal, Vegan and non-GMO.
  • PURE AND BEST QUALITY: Our products are natural and pure. These are free from artificial colors and preservatives.
Black Pepper Whole Grinder
Black Pepper Whole Grinder

Organically Sourced

At the heart of Himalayan Chef's Black Pepper Whole Grinder lies the sourcing of premium-quality black peppercorns. The company takes pride in procuring the finest peppercorns from the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, where they thrive in the region's unique microclimate. Himalayan Chef offers a Black Pepper Glass Grinder that contains Himalayan Black Peppercorns. Whole Black Pepper is the fruit of the black pepper plant from the Piperaceae family. Himalayan chef black pepper whole is hand-picked and sun-dried by professional farmers. Our black peppercorn comes in a beautiful-looking glass grinder. Himalayan Peppercorns are used in many dishes because of their unique hot smack and savor. Peppers have been used in both seasoning and medicine. Each Peppercorn has a lot of essential minerals, like magnesium, zinc, calcium, and iron. Himalayan Chef offers the highest quality natural products that will be beneficial for your health and also improve your home and kitchen lifestyle. Our pepper mill provides fresh ground pepper every time in your kitchen and table. Black Peppercorn is known as the king of Himalayan spices. It can enhance the flavor of many dishes. Himalayan Chef is deeply committed to sustainability and ethical practices. Himalayan Chef ensures that every grind of black pepper is a testament to responsible sourcing and a positive impact on the livelihood of those involved in its production.

Black Pepper Whole Grinder

Make Your Food Delicious


Himalayan pepper grinder is a must-have in any kitchen & table to make your daily food more delicious. Many people use freshly ground pepper to enhance the taste of their food; It might surprise you that pepper has several health benefits that make it an essential addition to your meals.


Also, you can use our refillable pepper grinder for an outdoor picnic. Use Himalayan chef peppercorns to add amazing flavors and aroma to your favorite meals delicious and enjoy them with your family, friends, and love ones.


You can use our pepper mill at your restaurant. It can season a salad dressing, omelets, or in any egg dishes, pepper sauce, mashed potatoes, dips, salsa, and soups/ stews, as a rub onto meats, poultry and fish before cooking or roasting.

Key Features:

✓ Manual operated and incredibly easy to use with hand design so you can cook & season your food with just a few effortless twists!

✓ Peppermill makes it simple to add the perfect amount of pepper seasoning to your food

✓ Easily adjust the coarseness for a perfect season meal

✓ Plastic cap keeps moisture away from Himalayan seasoning

✓ Made of the highest quality stainless steel and BPA-free glass and have a rustproof ceramic core

✓ Perfect for cooking in the kitchen, BBQ, grilling, etc.

Black Pepper Whole Grinder

For A Perfect and Healthy Lifestyle

Himalayan Chef guarantees that your culinary creations will have the freshest and most powerful flavor possible as opposed to pre-ground pepper. You may maintain the pungency and essential oils that characterize high-quality black pepper by grinding the peppercorns right before use. As a result, there is a surge of strong, complex flavors that have a hint of citrus and a woody undertone. In addition to being a tasty spice, black pepper has a number of health advantages. It has been demonstrated that the black pepper ingredient piperine improves nutritional absorption, promotes healthy digestion, and has anti-inflammatory qualities. Its abundance in antioxidants makes it a great spice to add to your diet on a regular basis. To preserve the freshness and potency of the black peppercorns, the Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Whole Grinder comes with an airtight lid that seals in the flavors. Properly stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, the grinder maintains its quality for an extended period, ensuring a delightful culinary experience every time you use it.

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