Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp Light Bulbs , Long Lasting Incandescent Amber Light Bulbs, 25 watt - 6 counts (pack of 3)

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  • The salt lamp bulbs designed for majority of Himalayan salt lamp, and the bulbs are adjustable, it can adjust the brightness according to you needs. 
  • Suitable for Himalayan Light model #1001-1332-133. Not only can used as the salt lamp bulbs, it also can be used be Incandescent and candelabra light bulbs.
  • WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp has longer life when compare other brands.
  • We Stand Behind our Products , We Listen to Our Customers. You will be completely satisfied with this product and If You Have any Question You Can Always Contact Us.

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Extend your Salt Lamps longevity with this Salt Lamp Bulb!

These Salt Lamp Bulbs fit all Salt Lamp ranges. Illuminate your home with the Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp Light Bulbs. A regular incandescent bulb would draw making it friendly. They have a brightness of 75 lumens and can last up to 2000 hours so you can keep your home bright and well-lit for years to come. It is dimmable and features a candelabra base and has a soft white color temperature for a bright and illuminating glow. The bulb is great for lamp ceiling fans in the kitchen or in the living room. This pack has 12 bulbs so you can stock up and keeps your house lit. Make sure your home is well-lit with the Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp Light Bulbs. Himalayan Glow products provide families with affordable high-quality products and offer a variety of products for your family’s needs.

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Keep your lamps glowing with Himalayan Glow Replacement Bulbs!

High-Quality E12 Incandescent Bulbs

This dimmable light bulb gives off a warm white glow, providing a relaxing, decorative atmosphere, and filling the room with a wonderful aroma at the same time.

Designed for Salt Lamps

This bulb is specially designed to last longer with a salt lamp. These light bulbs provide a soft, warm

white light and provide the perfect light for accent and display lighting. Unlike LED light, this bulb

spreads heat and is incandescent, which is ideal for dimming. Create the right mood and atmosphere for

your home.

Better to use it for lamps. Your salt lamp should feel warm to the touch and not be wet with

moisture. If it is, then the salt lamp light bulb needs replacement with a stronger wattage bulb.

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Perfect Replacement Bulbs with E12/Candelabra Base!

Specifically, these bulbs are an E12 model, which are small screw sockets, that are the standard size

used for Salt Lamps.

High Compatibility

With the E12 base, the bulbs have high compatibility and can be used for Himalayan salt lamps and baskets, candle

warmers, wax warmers, night lights, wall plug-ins, bathroom mirror lights, living room cabinets, etc.

Premium Quality

The product is made of strong & durable materials that prevent cracking during the installation and use process.

Long Life

With a single purchase, you will be sure to meet your light needs all around your home for the longest time

possible. The gasses inside our halogen lamps allow the evaporated tungsten to find its way back to the filament

and redeposit, ensuring a long life of 2,000 hours or more.

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Suitable for Nightlight

These bulbs are more than you expect both in their beauty and functionality. These emit a warm glow

that does not keep one awake but makes it possible to move about the room safely They are much safer

than candles but with a similar vibe.

Compact in Size

Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp Light Bulbs is a compact mini size, which is suitable for most light fixtures

with e12 small base light fixtures directly, especially for those in small limited space.

Important Facts about our Light bulbs

  • Warm, Peaceful Glow
  • Excellent mood lighting
  • Coolest light bulbs!
  • Definitely sets a mode, exactly as promised
  • Beautiful and Calming Lights

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