Himalayan Glow Selenite Rulers, Healing Crystals – 3 Pack, 6Inch, White

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  • Good Craftsmanship: WBM Selenite Charging Plate Ruler is well finished and trimmed, the edges are particularly sharp and clean, it will not get painful against your skin; Additionally, it will surely last a long time
  • For Crystal Jewelry: This Selenite Plate is beneficial for Crystal because you can use it to charge crystals, clean other crystal jewelry, enhance them, and serve your convenience
  • Selenite Ruler: Use this one to clear crystal deposits from places with sacred energy and add an ideal quality to the home or workspace
  • Decorative plate for Meditation: The Crystal Plate can be placed in your room allowing you to enter into a relaxing, peaceful environment, which is especially helpful if you are worried about something or need help
  • Warm & Thoughtful: You can make these selenite crystals into small tokens of kindness and friendship, as gifts for folks who are going through a difficult time or struggling with their pressure
  • Note: Due to the Natural Variation of Selenite, size, shape, and color may vary
Selenite Charging Plate
Selenite ruler

Powerful Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite is a mineral that has many benefits for the human body. Selenite is said to be a natural detoxifier, an antioxidant, and an immune booster. Selenite has also been linked with

· Reduce stress and

· Anxiety levels,

· Improve sleep quality,

· Regulate blood sugar levels,

· Boost the immune system, and

· Aids in weight loss.

Selenite is a mineral that has been used for centuries as derive from gypsum. Gypsum is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, it is easy to carve into sculptures and other objects. Selenite can help to improve the function of the immune system, fight cancer, and lower blood pressure.

Selenite crystal ruler

Cleanse the Space and Mind with Selenite Charging Plate Ruler

· The Selenite Ruler is a crystal that is purported to bring peace and calm to those who carry it.

· The Selenite Ruler is said to help clear the mind and promote relaxation.

· It has been used for centuries as a tool for meditation and calming the spirit.

· Considered the most powerful crystal for healing that promotes mental clarity, well-being, and a peaceful, calm environment.

· If you can't fall asleep, you can set it on your bedside table to calm your nerves and ease your dreams.

Selenite crystal ruler

Here are some of the main purported healing benefits of a selenite crystal:

  • Promotes peace and calm
  • Provides clarity
  • Clears blocked energy
  • Elevates the spirit
  • Helps you access your intuition
  • Is an effective space cleanser
  • Vibrates at a very high frequency
  • Promotes connection and camaraderie
  • Enhances powers of manifestation

Selenite ruler

Selenite is the Perfect Home Décor Option!

Are you looking for a stylish way to display your favorite photos or artwork on your wall, but don't have any space to spare? Check out selenite charging plate rulers! These unique pieces of decor can be used to display just about anything- from prints of your favorite paintings to family photos. Plus, they make great home accents and can add a touch of personality to any room. So why not give one a try? They're easy to install and look great in any setting. If you are looking to add some extra to your home décor, selenite is a perfect choice!

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