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  • Natural Solution facial mask with marula oil & shea butter intensively protects and gives nutrition to the skin. Reduces the look of fine lines and revives skin radiance.
  • Silk facial masks clear away fatigue and tension, bringing you hydrated shiny skin. Each mask contains rich extracts that repair, nourish, hydrate, and have anti-aging properties
  • This sheet mask absorbs the essence of your skin. Thick and juicy remains for a long time on your skin for a better experience
  • Infused with 100% natural ingredients and free from parabens, artificial colors, alcohol, mineral oil, animal oil, and formaldehyde
  • Customer satisfaction is our first priority. If you feel our product is not for you. We will give 100% money back within 30 days

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Natural Solution Protective Face Mask, Skin Hydrating & Refreshing

Natural Solution Facial Mask with Marla Oil and Sheaf Butter boosts the sensation of moisturization, repairs skin, and protects from environmental effects for long after usage. We have made our face masks suitable for all skin types. Facial Mask points signs of tension and fatigue and makes skin look hydrated and shiny. The face mask also acts as facial supplement for skin with natural ingredients and Himalayan pink salt. Shea butter essence helps in treating acne & blemishes, restores skin’s elasticity, and moisturizes skin deeply. ꞵ-Glucan is a skincare ingredient that boasts hydrating and anti-aging benefits. It calms and soothes irritated skin. You can attract the moisture to top layers of skin, give deep hydration, and at the same time, stimulates production of collagen as well.

Our Facial Mask enhances sensation of hydration and clears away all fatigue and tension from the face. Some of benefits that our natural face mask holds are:

Sustain Moisture

Clear Skin

Supple Glow

Purifies & Nourishes Skin

Improves Texture

Enhances Firmness

Fights Aging Symptoms

Hydro Nourish Silk Facial Mask Sheet, Natural & Safe, Best for all Skin Types

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Marula Oil

Marula oil is lightweight and absorbs quickly into skin. It is effective for dry and acne-prone skin. We have added oil that is beneficial for softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Wear With Comfort

Shea Butter is an anti-aging agent that fills up fine lines. It provides relief from itchy skin and inflammation. Soft mask soothes skin and does not let you feel any irritation.

Rich Moisturizing Essence

Natural oils instantly refresh your skin. This unique formula is non-sticky and does not leave your skin oily and greasy. With skin-friendly ingredients, our facial mask is suitable for all skin types.

Silk Facial Mask
 Facial Mask Honey & AvocadoFacial Mask Blood Orange & Vitamin CFacial Mask Rose & PomegranateFacial Mask Aloe & Tea Tree OilFacial Mask Marula Oil & Shea ButterFacial Mask Lavender & Chamomile
Facial Mask Honey & AvocadoFacial Mask Blood Orange & Vitamin CFacial Mask Rose & PomegranateFacial Mask Aloe & Tea Tree OilFacial Mask Marula Oil & Shea ButterFacial Mask Lavender & Chamomile
Detoxifies skin
Protects skin from pollution
Brightens skin tone
Moisturizes skin
Key IngredientsHoney & AvocadoBlood Orange & Vitamin CRose & PomegranateAloe & Tea Tree OilMarula Oil & Shea ButterLavender & Chamomile
DescriptionReduces the look of fine lines caused by dryness. Alcohol free.Silk facial masks clear away fatique and tension, bringing you hydrated shiny skin. Alcohol free.Revives radiance. Improves skin's appearance. Alcohol free.Relax, Nourish, and Restore. Improves elasticity and brightens skin tone. Alcohol free.Nourishing & Repairing sensitive skin. Alcohol free.Great fro all skin types hydrates dry skin and replenishes lost moisture. Alcohol free.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Can facial mask be used daily? Yes, you can use our natural facial mask daily. It will keep your skin fresh and young for longer.

Is there need of washing face after using Mask? No, there is no need of washing face after using the mask. Only massage your skin with a gentle touch.

Is hydro facial mask suitable for all skin types? Yesour hydro facial mask is suitable for all skin types.

Does mask contain paraben and formaldehyde? No, we manufacture our masks free of paraben, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals.

Is mask plant-based? Yes, we manufacture mask with marula oil and shea butter, send you natural and safe masks for all skin types.

Can makeup be used after using Facial Mask? Yes, you can use makeup after using Facial Mask. It will give you a smooth look.

Is face mask reusable? No, it is not reusable. Must dispose of mask for face after first usage.

Is face mask scented? Women's face mask contains the natural fragrance of Shea Butter and Marula Oil.

Is it cruelty-free? Yes, the mask is cruelty-free. Natural Solution is against animal cruelty and never tests any product on animals nor adds any animal ingredients. All kinds of product testing are made in labs by highly educated staff.

Does usage of this mask help repair skin? Applying mask to skin will help soothe skin with marula oil and shea butter. It also helps repair fine lines and improves aging signs.

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