Himalayan Chef Pink Salt with Onion + Red Pepper | 3.5 Oz Glass Grinder

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  • HIMALAYAN SEASONING: Himalayan chef pink salt roasted onion combined with red crushed pepper is the obvious seasoning blend for anything requiring a touch of onion. Perfect with grilled red meat, poultry, pasta or in savory butter
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Onion has been used in daily cooking and medical purposes. Ancient people used onion as culinary purposes and therapeutic benefits
  • EASY TO USE: Himalayan Chef Onion Salt Grinder makes your life easy to season your food with a blend of onion and salt. No more chopping, no more cutting and no more tears, just delicious and fine onion with nutritious salt
  • ADD FLAVORS: Red pepper can be used in every dish. Gives a complete taste with the onion and salt to your recipe. Onion & Red Pepper with pink salt is available in convenient and elegant glass grinder helping you to add the fresh, authentic flavors of seasoning in any meal
  • CHEMICAL FREE: Himalayan spices have no artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, anti-caking agents or msg. Himalayan chef onion and pepper grinder is available with adaptable grinding levels from course to fine

pink salt onion grinder
onion salt grinder

Himalayan Pink Salt Onion & Red Pepper Glass Grinder-3.53oz

Himalayan Chef offers the highest quality Himalayan Pink Salt Onion & Red Pepper grinder. You will grind fresh Himalayan seasonings on every meal. Use during cooking or at the table to bring excitement to your everyday meals. Our pink salt onion grinder gives you the flexibility to adjust to a coarse grind for cooking and a fine grind for seasoning at the table. All Himalayan Chef products are all-natural and contain no MSG, artificial food coloring, flavors, additives, fillers, or preservatives.

Himalayan Spices are low in sodium, contain no fat, no calories, and no cholesterol.

  • 100% Natural Himalayan Seasoning
  • Enhance the flavors of every meal
  • Elegant Looking Glass Grinder
  • Size: 3.5 oz
  • Perfect for Kitchen & Table Use
  • Use on meat, vegetables, potatoes, pasta, eggs, soups, and more

refillable salt grinder

salt grinder

pink salt onion grinder

onion salt grinder

Refiilable Grinder

The clear glass body of the onion salt mill will let you know it's time to refill. The top plastic cap easily screws off revealing, a wide opening for easy and mess-free refills. You can fill it with your favorite salt and any other spices that you like.

Make Your Life Better

Himalayan salt onion grinder is ideal for daily use. Pink salt is the top chef choice for making delicious and healthy food. Himalayan salt with onion adds incredible flavors to any dish. Ready to use onion salt grinder helps to make your life easier. Just add himalayan chef himalayan salt onion in any of your dish at any time any where.

Healthy Choice

Pink salt contains 84 minerals that make your every food more delicious and healthy for your loved ones. You can also use it outdoor to make delicious food. It is available in a small glass grinder so it can easily carry and use.

Easy to Clean

Himalayan salt onion pepper grinder is easy to use and easy to clean. Just wipe the grinder mechanism. Don't place the grinder mechanism in the dishwasher. Glass bottle is dishwasher safe.

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