W Home 3-in-1 Dishwasher Pods for a Spotless Clean - 144 Count Total, 24 Pods/Each Enzyme-Powered Free & Clear Detergent for Residue-Free Dishes - Pack of 6

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  • Pre-measured dishwasher pods that eliminate the need for measuring and pouring, making dishwashing quick and easy
  • Enzyme-powered formula that breaks down food and tough stains for a spotless clean. Free and clear formula that is gentle on skin, without harsh chemicals or fragrances
  • Leaves no residue or water spots on dishes, glasses, and utensils, providing a streak-free shine
  • Safe for all dishwasher types and works in all water temperatures, providing versatile cleaning performance
  • Customer Satisfaction Is our first priority if you feel our product is not for you or you are not satisfied with our product performance We will give you 100% Money Back Within 30 Days

Dishwasher pods

W Home Dishwasher Pods are an innovative and highly effective solution for achieving sparkling clean dishes with utmost convenience. These dishwasher pods are specially formulated with the refreshing essence of lemon extracts, adding a delightful fragrance to your kitchen while ensuring exceptional cleaning performance. The lemon extracts not only leave your dishes spotless and free from grease and grime but also infuse them with a subtle, citrusy scent that lingers after each wash.

The advanced formula of these dishwasher pods tackles tough stains, baked-on food residue, and even the most stubborn dried-on messes. With their convenient single-use design, using W Home Dishwasher Pods is incredibly simple—just pop one pod into the dishwasher dispenser, and it will release its powerful cleaning agents during the wash cycle. The lemon-infused formula ensures that your dishes emerge brilliantly clean, with a streak-free shine and no leftover residue. 

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