WBM Care Facial Tissue Medium Tea Tree 2 Ply - (Pack of 10) - 200 Sheets Each

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  • WBM Care Facial Tissues with Tea Tree Fragrance offer a refreshing and soothing experience with every use.
  • The tea tree fragrance adds a delightful scent to the tissues, providing an enjoyable sensory experience while using them.
  • These facial tissues are made with care, using high-quality materials that are soft and gentle on the skin.
  • The tea tree fragrance has natural antibacterial properties, which can help maintain cleanliness and hygiene while using the tissues.
  • Each tissue is designed to be strong and absorbent, ensuring efficient and effective use for all your facial care needs.
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Strong 2-Ply Facial Tissues, Gentle on Sensitive Skin, Ultra Soft & Strong Tissues | WBM Care

WBM Care facial tissues allow you to have quality and quantity in a single package. We designed our natural tissues for multiple cleaning, from cleaning your face and hands to wipe your nose in flu, cleaning sweat after a workout, dusting your fruits and vegetables, covering your food like bread rolls or sandwiches, and cleaning your kitchen utensils/counter. Further, while traveling in cars, WBM Care tissue pack is a must-have to avoid any mess. Our face tissues are the most ideal choice for your home, office and restaurants in terms of quality and quantity. The smooth texture of sheet does not irritate the skin even after frequent uses. Made with 100% wood pulp, our tissues deliver ultimate cleaning with high strength and flexibility. Each dry wipe is 2-ply in arrangement that increases the strength of tissue. Fibrous mesh increases absorbency and flexibility that indirectly adds up durability of tissue. Also, facial tissue does not create debris on surface where you use. From dry to oily skin, it works great whether you have to remove the excess moisture, oil or makeup. Scented tissues have a mild and exhilarating tea tree aroma, enough to uplift your mood during use. We use no artificial bleaching, whitening and fluorescent agents during manufacturing.


A Healthy Choice Leads a Healthy Family

Things you choose for your loved ones say a lot about your care and love for them. We take you there, where quality meets comfort and hygiene. Our soft tissues are not only safe for you but also safe for delicate skin of your baby. No irritation or rash you, your baby, and other family members will have. Be confident and try or natural facial tissues. WBM never compromises on quality. We ensure to send our customers the best quality products every time they order. That’s why we always manufacture quality products. We manufacture our facial tissues with 100% wood pulp as quality is our passion.

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Something More Than Facial Tissue

Although these tissues are Facial Tissues but that does not mean that they are restricted to perform some specific tasks. Our tissue paper stands out best for a variety of purposes. Besides face or hands cleaning, oil and makeup removing, our tissues work great for baby cleaning, food lining, surface cleaning, and kitchen utensils/equipment cleaning. You can simply use them as per your need. No harm or any skin irritation will happen. Just perfect clean you will get on every single usage. You can use our facial tissues even during your flu period. No red nose, no scratchy nose, and no irritated nose you will feel. Just smooth cleaning on every use.

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