WBM Care Facial Tissue Medium Lavender 2 Ply - (Pack of 40) - 200 Sheets Each

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  • WBM Care Facial Tissue Medium Lavender 2 Ply offers a soft and gentle touch to your skin.
  • The lavender scent adds a soothing and calming experience to your facial care routine.
  • With its 2-ply construction, the tissue provides enhanced strength and durability.
  • Each sheet of the WBM Care Facial Tissue is designed to be absorbent and effective in handling moisture.
  • The size of these facial tissues makes them convenient for everyday use, whether at home, office, or on the go.

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WBM Care Tissues with Lavender Scent, Reusable, 100 % Wood Pulp, Durable Material, Multi-Purpose

With WBM Care facial tissue by your side, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. With its reliable strength and softness towards the skin, facial tissues develop habits of proper hygiene. Our tissues comprise 100% wood pulp that helps to wipe off all the unwanted moisture and sebum from your skin. These tissues are 2-ply and each layer can be used separately. Together, both the layer enhances absorbent power of the tissue. These paper towels are great for both dry and wet use. Both ways these tissues are efficient. Simply wet a dry tissue and clean the desired surface. The face wipes are reusable and washable too. These characteristics of face tissues make them suitable for both humans and environment. Our tissue napkins face the high-temperature sterilization process to assure their purity. Do not just use for your face but also for your wet hands, wiping your sweat after workout, cleaning your fruits and vegetables, drying your kitchen utensils, while traveling in your cars, etc. These multiple uses of these paper napkins make them a superb choice for your home. Also, the lavender fragrance of the scented tissue papers is mild and exhilarating enough to calm your nerves and uplift your mood. No unnatural ingredients, like fluorescent and whitening agents, are used in manufacturing. Bulk facial tissue package carries 12 units/ box.

Paper Napkins, High Fiber Content, 200 x 2-Ply Sheets/Pack

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Not Easily Breakable

These tissues are rich in wood fiber that makes them strong enough as we manufacture them with wood pulp. The fibers bond strongly and do not let it get apart so easily. Our tissue leaves no debris on any surface.

Double Layered

The 2-ply sheets increase the cleansing efficiency of facial tissues. They are already strong enough to be torn apart and when two get to work together, work more efficiently. You can also use each layer separately.

Flexible Sheet

The tiny mesh structure of wood fiber makes the tissue flexible. This flexibility adds up in its lifespan. Strong, flexible, and soft tissues best to be used on all skin types. Our tissue will give you the softest but the perfect cleaning.

100 % Wood Pulp, Soft and Gentle, Washable and Reusable, Lint-Free, Scented Tissues

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Wipe Your Makeup

Make the tissue wet with water, lotion, oil, or some make-up remover on it. Gently wipe that liquid-filled tissue over your face to remove makeup or other impurities from your soft skin. The best result you will get.

Clean the Surfaces

WBM Care strong and soft tissues allow you to wipe the dust from different surfaces. You can also use it with some liquid glint to add extra shine to the surface. This effort will not let the tissue tear apart so easily.

Clear the Mess

WBM tissues are safe enough to be used on your baby’s delicate skin. Besides the nose, you can also use it to clean his/her gums, face, butts, and whole body. We add no ingredient which can harm you or your baby.


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