WBM Smart Wi-Fi Door and Window Sensor

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  • Alert Notification: Protect your home with open/closed door detection. When the door/window is triggered, you will receive an alarm signal from your phone. Home Security Alarm makes your Home safer.
  • Compatible with Alexa & App Control: The WBM Smart door sensor works great with Alexa, and Google Assistant. The app is very user-friendly and there is a simple process to connect it to the internet. No hub is required and No fees are charged. Convenient for you to detect the status of your doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, or anywhere you want to be notified when it is opened or closed. So you can travel worry-free.
  • Easy Installation: Complicated tools are not required for 3M adhesive installation, firm and durable. The two arrows are opposite, the distance between the two components should be as close as possible, and the closest distance should not affect the opening/closing of the door or window
  • Multi-function: WBM Door and Window Sensor works with most types of doors, windows, and other fixtures with a similar mechanism, such as drawers, cabinets, and more
  • Customer Satisfaction: As "Quality is our Passion" therefore we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for quality-conscious customers.

door sensor
The WBM Smart WiFi Door Sensor is a versatile and reliable device that seamlessly integrates with popular smart home platforms such as Alexa and Google Home. This sensor is designed to provide enhanced security and convenience to homeowners, allowing them to monitor the status of their doors remotely and receive real-time notifications through their preferred voice assistants.

door sensor
door sensor

The WBM Smart WiFi Door Sensor is easy to set up and configure within your existing smart home network. Using the companion mobile app, you can connect the sensor to your WiFi network and link it with your preferred voice assistant. Once connected, the sensor will provide accurate and reliable door status updates, ensuring you always have the latest information about the security of your home.

door sensor

door sensorThe WBM Smart WiFi Door Sensor plays a crucial role in enhancing personal safety and protecting individuals from potential dangers. By providing real-time monitoring and alerts, this smart sensor offers several key features that contribute to a safer living environment. First and foremost, the WBM Smart WiFi Door Sensor helps prevent unauthorized access to your home. It detects the status of your doors, whether they are open, closed, or locked, and sends immediate notifications to your smartphone or connected devices. This allows you to quickly identify any unexpected or suspicious activity, enabling you to take appropriate action to ensure your safety.

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