WBM Smart Wi-Fi Motion Sensor

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  • Simple to Smart: Complete home security with the WBM Smart Wi-Fi Motion Sensor that features an infrared human induction sensor with a detecting distance of 9m in the premises of your home
  • Real-time Monitoring: Have you got a smartphone & Wi-Fi? Then go with the flow. This Motion Detector has covered it all. Connect to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection and monitor your safety
  • Plug & Secure your Home: Stick the Wi-Fi Motion Detector by removing the adhesive tape and build a smart connected home in a few minutes
  • Easy Installation & Operation: With no hardwiring systems, this battery-operated Motion Sensor can easily be mounted indoors on walls for security purposes
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our passion, so we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers

wifi motion sensor

The WBM SMART WiFi Motion Sensor is a smart home device that utilizes WiFi connectivity and motion detection technology to enhance home security and automation. With its motion-sensing capabilities, the device can detect movement within its range and trigger specific actions or alerts. The WiFi connectivity allows the motion sensor to connect to your home network, enabling you to monitor and control it remotely through a smartphone app or compatible smart home hub. This enables you to receive instant notifications on your mobile device when motion is detected, providing you with real-time updates and peace of mind.

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The WBM SMART WiFi Motion Sensor is a versatile device that utilizes infrared human induction detection technology. By incorporating infrared sensors, this motion sensor can detect the presence of human beings or objects based on their heat signatures.

When a person or object moves within the sensor's range, the infrared sensors detect the changes in the surrounding infrared radiation caused by the heat emitted. This triggers the motion sensor to activate or send a signal to a connected device or system, enabling various automation actions.

With its WiFi connectivity, the WBM SMART WiFi Motion Sensor can be easily integrated into your smart home ecosystem. You can monitor and control the sensor remotely through a smartphone app or compatible smart home hub. This allows you to receive real-time notifications and customize automation routines based on detected motion.

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