Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Coarse Grains | 0.5lbs Bag

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  • Himalayan Pink Salt is hand chipped from the foothill of the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. Pink Himalayan salt is enriched with minerals & nutrients that help to improve your health
  • Himalayan Chef Pink Salt is 100% natural, non-GMO, Kosher and vegan-friendly. Coarse Salt is packed full of flavors that makes your food more delicious
  • Pink Himalayan Salt is better than regular sea salt. Pink salt can be used as regular table salt. Pink Salt involves no processing of any kind. Kosher salt is free from additives, dyes and preservatives
  • Himalayan chef Pink Salt fine is available in zip-lock, easy to use packing, to keep it fresh
  • Quality is our passion, so we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for quality-conscious customers.

Add amazing flavor to any dish with himalayan chef pink himalayan salt

Natural Pink Salt for Natural Life

Delicious tasting and rich in minerals, this is the purest salt in the world. It has a natural pink color and 84 minerals and trace elements in amount to provide a multitude of health benefits.Himalayan Pink salt is as popular amongst restaurateur and food services as well as home cooks. Many world class chefs use it as a special ingredient which transforms their dishes and sets them apart from other chefs.

Himalayan Chef Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is a natural ingredient for all the food items. Himalayan Pink Salt is hand-mined and then packed for use without adding any additives. This chemical free salt helps in maintaining your health goals and give you an active life-style. Himalayan Pink Salt, once you try it, becomes the partner of your every meal. Many spices can be mixed with Himalayan Pink fort the refreshing and mouth-watering flavor.

Cooking With Himalayan Chef Products

Himalayan Pink Salt by Himalayan Chef helps you to add an amazing flavor to your food and barbecue. It not only adds flavor to your meal, but also make the looks of your mouth-watering and spreads an amazing aroma of the food all around. You can use it anytime and for every meal. Sprinkle over your food, salad or fruits or add in the gravy or soups, you will always find a refreshing taste and it always keeps you satisfied.

Himalayan Pink Salt Add Amazing Falvor to Every Dish

Himalayan Pink Salt is a need of every food. No salt is as pure and Himalayan Pink Salt and no other Salt can excel in the taste of Himalayan Pink Salt. Whether it is in chunks or fine salt, taste and effects remain same for both of the types. You can make home-made spices and many other sauces for your use. It adds a wonderful taste to all the type of foods. Himalayan Pink Salt is rich with minerals and vitamins that aid you with many diseases.

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