WBM SMART Portable Juicer Blender, USB Rechargeable Battery, (1200mAh) - 300 ml

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  • SINGLE HANDED SMOOTHIE BLENDER: Thanks to this easy to operate design, WBM Smart Blender Juicer makes your daily liquid intake delicious as well as easy, simultaneously makes various types of drinks
  • SMALL BUT POWERFUL BLENDER: Has a USB wireless rechargeable battery 1200mAh, with 22,000 rpm you get your desired drink in just 40 seconds
  • SIMPLE WORKING & MAINTENANCE: Easy operation of portable juicer with on & off button, simple maintenance with a potential self-cleaning option
  • DURABLE & SAFE DESIGN: Comes with ABS+PC plastic cup body with an anti-heating and leak-proof design, ergonomic layout with a safe manufacturing
  • GOES EVERYWHERE WITH YOU: This USB juicer is ideal to carry along when going out, has a good capacity of 300 ml enough to fulfill your one-time drinking needs
  • Included components: user manual

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Get A Simple Yet Healthy Lifestyle | All In 1 WBM Smart Portable Blender

WBM Smart Portable Mini Blender is intended to make your life better, ease out your daily chores and give you a relaxing time for yourself. The Personal Mini-Blender is easy to use yet efficient in all actions. You can get one to comfort yourself and keep on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When traveling out, this juicer is a must-have. It is easy to carry size and the holding loop easily fits or hangs with anything. Made with blending advanced technologies, the juicer bottle has an ergonomic design, heat-resistant and leak-proof. For the people who love to keep themselves busy as well as try to maintain a good health profile, this juicer is the one for you!

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Small But Powerful.

Well, appearances can be deceptive! This cute-looking rechargeable blender proves that. No matter the size, it performs as efficiently as a heavy-duty juicer/blender in your home would do.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: ABS Cap + PC Cup
  • Capacity: 300 ml
  • Charging Time: 4-6 hrs.
  • Net Content: 500g
  • Product Size: 83x83x188mm

portable wireless juicer blender

juicer blender

portable juicer blender

Take Where Ever You Go!

A must-have by your side. Plays its role while you go to the office, school, walk, gym, or a trip. A convenient hanging hook keeps it in the place so you get it when you need it.

Save Your Time!

No more waiting. WBM Smart Portable juicer saves your time with its high-capacity battery, sharp blades, and high-speed functioning. Just 40 seconds!

Exclusive Design!

The elegant design and beautiful white color compliment your entire look. Take it with yourself to keep you nourished and hydrated throughout the day.

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Portable & Rechargeable Blendr | WBM Smart

All things aside, the real question is how to clean the juicer when you are out? Well, no worries with WBM Smart. Our Wireless Blender has a built-in self-cleaning technology that reduced half of your chores. You add a little water once you’re done with using the blender, press the self-cleaning button, and there you go, neat and clean juicer to reuse! Keep on repeating the process to maintain hygiene. Also, the design is completely safe, leak & heat-resistant, and waterproof.

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