WBM SMART UV Sterilizer & Disinfection Lamp - 40W UV Light

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  • Kill GERM:UV-C light is proven effective against harmful viruses, bacteria, molds, and spores.
  • SAFETY FIRST : Third gear can be timed 15/30/60 minutes, 15 seconds delay to start, to ensure people leave safely. Powerful remote control function can let you partition wall remote control.
  • WARNING: When the product is working, no people or pets around. Avoid damage to skin and eyes. After use, it is recommended to ventilate for more than 30 minutes.
  • SAFE & EFFICIENT: Ultraviolet light combined with ozone, the germicidal lamp can sterilize 360 ° in all directions. After working, open the window to make ozone gone, the environment will become safe and will not cause any harm to body.
  • APPLICATION FIELDS: Suitable in various applications, both professional and residential Establishment Number: 97510-CHN-1 EPA Region: HQ

uv light sanitizer

Ultraviolet Germicidal UV Lamp | UV Light Sanitizer, 110V 40W UV Light with Remote Control.

There are moving objects that do not light up 20 seconds before turning on the light and they will turn on automatically after leaving. WBM Smart UV Lamp is designed with body detection, during the use, if it detects the presence of people or animals around it ,it will suspend work with beeping sound. UV Light will continue to work when it detects no people or animals around.

(Note: This product can only detect people, dogs and most large animals, other small animals cannot be detected.)

Thousands of mites are found in a seemingly clean bed that is illuminated by Ultraviolet Disinfection lamps. The disinfected bedding has a “small of sunshine".

Features Of UV Disinfection Light

  • Delay start to create a safe living environment
  • Wireless remote control, safe and convenient
  • Three timing setting modes, a warning beep to remind you to move away
  • 360 degrees radar sensing range, can detect any movement or motion and automatically turn off to ensure safety

UV Light

UV Disinfection Lamp For Indoor Use Only | 40W UV LIGHT

  • Before using this product, please make sure that the voltage matches this product and the power grounding protection is effective.
  • The external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire cannot be replaced; if the cord is damaged, the luminaire shall be destroyed.
  • This product should be used in an unmanned environment (including pets at home). Do not look at the ultraviolet light source with naked eyes to avoid skin damage and eye burns caused by ultraviolet radiation. Please ensure that people and pets leave the room before the light is turned on. Enter the room after the light stops the work.
  • After the disinfection lamp is used, unplug the power plug and place it out of reach of children in order to avoid injury caused by misuse of children.
  • The surface of the UV-C lamp should be kept clean. If there is dust or oil, wipe it with a soft and clean cotton-free cloth to remove them, so as not to affect the sterilization effect.
  • After sterilization, you may smell the smell similar to that of sun bedding, don’t worry, it is recommended to open the doors and windows for 15 to 30 minutes to avoid the discomfort of the human body due to the smell and ozone (this product uses an ozone-free lamp tube material).
  • When disinfecting the pet house, please keep the pets away from the disinfection area to avoid injury, if there are valuable plants in the disinfection area, please move away or cover with cloth, newspapers, and others before disinfection.

Germicidal lamp Ozone Sterilizer Lamp


After turning on, touch the on/off button and select the sterilizing time. It will automatically light up in 20 seconds.


  • After the power is on, the on/off button blinks red.
  • After touching the on/off button, it will stay green.
  • After selecting the time, the time button will stay green.
  • A graduate beep sound will occur during the start-up process.

2. Time Indicator Light

  • 15 mins: Sterilize in small space such as restrooms, kitchens and bathrooms
  • 30 mins: For quick sterilization of space <40²
  • 60 mins: For strong sterilization of space <40²

3- Remote Control

The operations method of the remote control is the same as the operations of the lamp panel. after the power is on, select the time and the lamp will light up automatically in 20 seconds. When the remote control is in use, the button will not light up, only the indicator on the lamp panel will light up according to the selection

uv lamp

Body Detection Instruction:

This product can only detect human, dogs and most large animals, other small animals cannot be detected. This product is designed with body detection. During the use, if it detects the presence of people or animals around it, it will suspend work with beeping sound. It will continue to work when it detects no people or animals around.

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