WBM SMART Ultraviolet Germicidal UV Lamp 40Watt with Remote Control

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  • REMOTE CONTORL AND TIMER SETTING : You can use the remote control to set the working hours of this light, such as setting for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. It will start working 20s later after operated. Establishment Number: 97510-CHN-1 EPA Region: HQ
  • UV Lamp is designed to keep you safe from the harmfull germs. The uv light will start automatically in 20 seconds after turning it so you can leave the room safely.
  • This product is designed with body detection, during the use, if it detects the presence of people or animals around it, it will suspend work with beeping sound. It will continue to work when it detects no people or animals around.(Note: This product can only detect people ,dogs and most large animals, other small animals cannot be detected.)
  • It can be operated remotely through doors, walls, cabinets, etc. There is no limit on the angle, and you do not need to worry about being injured by ultraviolet radiation during operation. Use method 1: panel operation Use method 2: remote operation.
  • Customer Satisfaction Is our first priority if you feel our product is not for you or you are not satisfied with our product performance We will give 100% Money Back Within 30 Days.
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The WBM SMART UV Sterilizer Light with 40 Watts and Remote Control is a UV sterilizer light that offers remote control functionality. It is designed to sanitize surfaces, air, and water by emitting ultraviolet rays. The 40-watt UV light can help in reducing the presence of microorganisms and bacteria. The remote control feature allows users to conveniently adjust settings and activate the sterilization process from a distance. This can be particularly useful in larger spaces or areas that are difficult to reach. The WBM SMART UV Sterilizer Light is suitable for various environments such as homes, offices, hospitals, and public spaces. It can be used to sanitize frequently touched surfaces and objects, contributing to a cleaner environment.

uv lamp; uv light; wbm smart uv lamps;

The WBM SMART UV Sterilizer Light with 40 Watts and Remote Control is a device that utilizes UV light for potential germ reduction. UV sterilization has been studied for its antimicrobial properties and its potential to affect certain microorganisms. The device emits UV rays that are intended to target and disrupt the DNA or RNA of germs, potentially inhibiting their ability to reproduce or cause infections. By using this sterilizer light, it

uv lamp; uv light; wbm smart uv lamps;

uv lamp; uv light; wbm smart uv lamps;

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