W Home 3-in-1 Lavender Laundry Pods, Powerful Stain Lifter - 32 Pcs - Pack of 2

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  • WBM 3-in1 Ultra concentrated formula with natural lavender extracts help to keep the clothes smell great for long term
  • Liquid Detergent pods are soft and skin-friendly, and quickly dissolve in water; one pod is enough for 10 liters of water
  • Laundry detergent pods make stubborn stains disappear and give your clothes a brighter, fresher scent while delivering a great clean every time
  • WBM dirt washing pods work efficiently in all types of washing machine and dissolve in ay water temperature
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority; we are providing a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days to quality conscious customers

Lavender Laundry Pods

WBM 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods, Fabric Softener & Scent Booster with Natural Lavender Extract

Clean your laundry with WBM Home laundry detergent pods that work on tough stains and eliminate odor. There is no need to use any additional fabric softeners or bleachers to clean your clothes. The laundry pods do wonders through this 3-in-1 breakthrough formula. This breakthrough formula of the high-efficiency laundry pods is perfect 3D stain remover, gentle and skin-friendly, soluble in water, gives color protection and long-lasting freshness for long. Lavender laundry pods break down all food stains, grease, and grime from the laundry. The powerful cleaning formula of laundry detergent pods is based on non-toxic natural extract oil and safe ingredients safe that work together for laundry cleaning tasks. Our laundry pods contain natural lavender oil that protects the elements of clothing and provides a long-lasting scent. These pods, being soft and skin-friendly, are 3D stain removers, soluble in water; provide color protection with lasting fragrance. 3-chamber design of laundry cleaning pods is a deep cleaner for all fabric types with lavender scent infused in the pods, freshen every fabric type after washing with our pods that make your laundry cleaning more exciting than before. Pods are compatible with all washers, both standard, and high-efficiency washing machines, and work well in all water temperatures, no matter that water is hot or cold.

lavender laundry pods

Detergent Soap Pods, Scented & Safe for Skin

Effective cleaning of clothes yet gentle on skin, W Home pods with powerful cleaning formula contains plant extracts that protect elements of clothing. WBM simplifies your life with quality laundry detergent pods that do every possible cleaning with a 3-in-1 breakthrough powerful cleaning formula. Lavender laundry pods wash all stains, grease, and grime from clothes. Being soluble in water, pods provide color protection with long-lasting freshness to your clothes. Clothes washed with our pods hold refreshing scent that they make your mood happy and calm on when you wear them. If you are worried out the out membrane solubility then let us tell you that outer membrane is completely soluble in water. In fact, the whole pod dissolves in water so fast and easily.

Things To Follow

  • Use with dry hands
  • Do not pierce, cut, or break
  • Put it deep into the inner cylinder of the washing machine
  • Put the clothes in the starting washing machine
  • Cannot be used in hand washing of clothes
  • Keep pods away from kids and pets

3D Stain Remover, Clear for Sensitive Skin, HE Compatible, Lavender Scent, 32 Count

Lavender laundry pods

Laundry Pods

laundry cleaning pods

Beautifully Clean Laundry with 1 Pod

Forget the hassle of buying different laundry detergents that care about the fabric as well as your skin. Our pods are formulated with powerful safe ingredients that are safe and natural for deep laundry cleaning, effectively remove tough stains like a laundry expert.

What to Wash with Laundry Pods

High-efficiency laundry pods are ideal for all types of fabrics, like sweaters, delicate fabric, white and dark-colored clothes, baby clothes, and other home accessories. Put a detergent pod in washer for a medium load and 2 pods for a heavy load, and then put all your dirty clothes to provide effective cleaning.

Works in all Machine Types

3-in-1 pods are compatible with all washer types, like both high-efficiency and standard washing machines. If you are worried about our detergents working efficiency in different water temperatures, then relax & get out of worries because water temperature does not affect the working efficiency of our laundry pods.

Laundry Pods

3 in 1 Lavender Laundry Pods

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