W Home Broom Head Replacement, Heavy Duty Indoor & Outdoor Floor Cleaning Scrub Brush

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  • W Home Carpet Broom Head is crafted with quality bristles that can easily gather both large debris and fine particles. The soft bristles work efficiently to gather up all messes without scattering. Stiff bristles make this push broom perfect for sweeping rough surfaces
  • The Broom brush can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. Not only used for walls, kitchen, and bathroom but also works well in the garage, sidewalks, and so on
  • Brush is a sturdy tool; it is designed to stay in shape for years and can survive in all weathers or conditions
  • W Home broom head has a length of 11", and is perfect for easy and quick cleaning. Tackles dirt professionally in small areas and corners
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you feel our product is not for you, we will give you a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days

Who knew that it would be too easy to clean your outdoor and indoor places? The high-quality W Home Broom is crafted with PP/PET/TPR materials to make them durable. This premium carpet cleaning broom is perfect for easy and quick cleaning of the kitchen, offices, lobbies, garages, hard-to-reach surfaces, and tight corners and edges of your home.

Broom head replacement
Broom head replacement
Broom head replacement

One of the key advantages of using a replacement brush head is its cost-effectiveness. Instead of purchasing an entirely new broom, you can simply replace the worn-out brush head, saving both money and resources. This allows you to extend the life of your broom and ensure that it continues to deliver optimal cleaning performance. With the W Home Broom Brush Head Replacement, you can effortlessly maintain a clean and inviting home environment. Whether you're sweeping up daily messes or tackling larger cleaning tasks, this replacement brush head provides the necessary tools for efficient and thorough cleaning.

carpet cleaning broom
Broom head replacement

Stiff bristles made with high-quality, durable PP material is long-lasting. They do not easily fall apart but remain intact as we have made them strong for duty cleaning. W Home cleaning tools are ideal for your chores. This multi-purpose broom brush has stiff, durable bristles that are convenient for sweeping fine to medium particles. These durable bristles retain their shape back even after bending for efficient cleaning under cupboards and furniture

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